Post – it closed the door behind me. Post – it I am on the road

Perfect Christmas post. So this time, typing in a search engine these words, got links to various sites where the contents and disclosure of meaning of the request is preceded by a colorfully photographed range of products from vegetables and fish. Don’t say I’m surprised, on the contrary, quite expected. Yes that there, even in the temple talking with the people the question of diet is not the last value, although I am glad that is still not decisive. Most often it is talking about indulgences, which, unfortunately, associated not only with health, but sometimes with the material, and even family status.

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According to St. Symeon of Thessalonica, “post Christmas lent depicts the position of Moses, who when he had fasted forty days and forty nights, received the stone tablet inscription of the words of God. And we, fasting for forty days, contemplate and acceptable living word of the virgin, written not on stones, but incarnate and born, and partake of His divine flesh.”

In fact, what he is now, that is the forty-day Christmas post appeared in the XII century, but the custom of fasting before Christmas, that is especially mentally and physically prepare for the feast of the incarnation and the coming of the Savior, appeared in the early centuries. Advent is also known and Filippov, in honor and memory of the Apostle Philip, memorial day, which falls just before lent. This post fixed the dates, always starts on 28 November and ends on 6 January, before the birth of Christ.

Yes, of course, we all know what and Whom this post. And, unfortunately, again, will arise and arguments will continue about the mandatory/optional constraints in food (well, unless you chop to sin, the main thing people don’t eat?) that the whole world, including most Orthodox Churches celebrate Christmas at the end of the year, not at the beginning (there is very often a poorly disguised apology of the New year celebration, and not the protection of the old/new style and unity with the whole Christian world), and of all, alas, collisions in the networks of opponents and supporters of certain opinions regarding fasting almost ordinary by the end of the year.

So from November to January karateca the time people with benefits could devote himself. And Yes, I understand why some of my friends at that time are deleted and disappear from your pages. But it’s not just the Internet and time spent in it. Lent is a time of contemplation and acceptance. Could this somehow be combined with the Bazaar and swearing, or even just waste time (let’s not flatter themselves, because the social network still perform this function for filling holes and voids)? Unlikely.

Therefore, fasting is, in a sense, the opportunity to quietly gather the knot and leave. From yourself and to yourself. From the old to the new. Sincerely, without playing games, without serving a trespass, without proof of anything to anyone. Honestly.

Out of obedience. God.

And then, expect arrow’s flight: and whether God your vegetable dish, cabbage and salted potatoes in their skins? Of course not, if the whole point of my post is a break from heavy meals. It is appropriate then normal nutritionist, and prescribe yourself a diet is not always useful and appropriate.

But if the purpose of my post, something has to change in himself, to take a step up, then will the prayer more meaningful and sincere in terms of “immutability exterior of the interior”? Doubtful.

We all know that very often in the clash of spiritual and physical in man often wins the second. But used because people to overcome themselves? For some reason he runs in the morning, playing sports, limit yourself that? The man’s peculiar to itself, to induce? He will not get up at six in the morning on Monday for work, will make a relief. You can not exhausted to support themselves! All his life Monday to stand up. It is clear that these arguments are ridiculous.

But why do they then appear when we are talking about spiritual life. Of course, the sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, everything is so clear. But will it be so if I didn’t donate, if you do not make volitional movement, will not decide for myself what I can do. Not outside, not for show, but for God and for yourself. Because fasting and prayer is overcome by “this generation”, because He took upon Himself the burden of the post, ready to serve people, because in the days of Moses there were those who regretted the departure from Egypt, remembering the pots of meat, but forgetting about how they exterminated the first-born.

And no, it’s not self-torture. Because the path was, and the Magi, and the shepherds, and it was a difficult path. And those who wanted only of the festival, was elsewhere. But the wise men already never go back, going the other way. Because leaving in the post man is a pilgrim. And I really like the comparison of passing Christmas lent with bringing gifts. Maybe my rejection of the usual menu and at least some effort in prayer is no less vain than those that were from the poor manger of the Nativity. Perhaps I will not bring otherwise. But God will see this effort.

And eat anything I want and not have people – it’s actually something worth remembering in connection with the post. Because there is in this some kind of attempt to justify. “I’d better not to fast than be all life to ruin”. This is a mistake.

The presence of a sandwich and a good steak will not make a person better. Even with the food, though without it, and life to spoil other people will care if he arranged. So, no need to change what is on the table, and the one who sits at a table.

And we are not talking about people who, because of health could not bear this part of the post. And even those who can’t afford to post due to some other circumstances. This is unlikely to make a person better or worse.

Post – it closed the door behind me. Post – it I am on the road. So, I guess I’m collected and focused. Unless, of course, is the goal. And the route, in General, have long been known. But to leave the house without a purpose and final destination seems to be imprudent and dangerous. So, I guess we know where we are pursuing. And to Whom.

And yet the memory of what I am. And that God becomes human because he loves me. But during the long road of this life, I it would be nice to recover that memory. Because more than man, Him I can not bring. And human offerings were also different. It was gold, and was a sponge with vinegar.

And the greatest mystery of my God that this is all It takes with patience and humility. Not only as Creator, but as Born.

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