Power Sum joined the organization of the procession of the KP in Kiev, – the Bishop of the UOC

The “procession” of the UOC-KP in Kiev in 2017

In Sumy, reported the use of administrative resources to collect people on the planned activities of the UOC-KP in Kiev on the Day of the Baptism of Rus.

The authorities of the city of Sumy gather people to participate in the “procession”, which is planning to hold in Kyiv the UOC-KP. This was announced on his page in Facebook the Archbishop of Sumy and Akhtyrka Evlogy (Gutchenko).

“On the orders “from above” Sumy regional state administration organizes vehicles and transportation of people to Kyiv in the so-called procession of the so-called UOC-KP, – said the Lord. – Provide guidance to the heads of districts and village councils to organize people for this event”.

In comments to the post, users of social networks reported that in other cities of Ukraine the same thing happens.

Earlier, the priest of the UOC Gennady Shkil wrote on his page in Facebook that the hotel Kherson offers a free trip to the event of the UOC-KP in Kiev.

Metropolitan of Zaporizhia and Melitopol Luka (Kovalenko) stated that civil servants forced the faithful to attend the events of the Kiev Patriarchate, which will be held in the capital in honor of the baptism of Rus. An expert on religious issues in Ukraine, Alexander Ermolenko commented on this information, saying that the administrative resources have connected all over Ukraine, as the authorities have the task to “provide the number of marches supporters of the UOC-KP”.

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