Pray for the needy, people in trouble and those who help them are invited on 2 December in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior


2 December in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, his Holiness Patriarch Kirill will lead the divine Liturgy, which will be to pray for the needy, people in trouble and those who help them, according Милосердие.Ru.

The Liturgy will meet the staff and wards, the largest Church social service of the Russian Orthodox service “Mercy”: the sisters of mercy and volunteers who care for the lonely, the sick, the elderly, orphans and the disabled, the students of St. Dimitry’s school for sisters of mercy and Friends for mercy – people who regular donations to support the work of the service.

This year, the “Charity” celebrates round date – marks 10 years of the Society of Friends of mercy. The society was established in 2008, it includes those who regularly donates to the existence of a service of assistance “Mercy”.

For 10 years the Society of Friends of mercy has grown to almost 18 000 people. Their support is the Foundation on which to build the daily work of all 26 social service projects. Regular donations ensure that in difficult times the quality of care for patients will remain at a high level, and the projects will continue their work.

The Liturgy will visit wards service “Mercy”: the children from St. Sophia homes, and residents of the Holy Spiridonievsky almshouses, children and adults boarding schools, employing nurses, families and others. After the service, everyone who wants to support the work of service “Mercy”, will be able to join the Friends of mercy.

Today, the Orthodox service “Mercy” is among the ten largest charity organizations of Russia. Here in a year receive a one-time assistance to approximately 30,000 people. In addition, a permanent care service for about 1,500 people, among them – the elderly and the disabled, families with critically ill children, women in crisis situations.

The Liturgy will take place on 2 December in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. The beginning of the Liturgy at 10:00. Those who want to partake of the Liturgy, Bishop Panteleimon requests to confession the night before in his parish Church.

Beginning of the divine Liturgy at 10:00.

The beginning of confession in 9:00.

Address: Kropotkinskaya, Volkhonka str., 15.

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