Prayer Poroshenko in luck of people were brought by buses

The crowd to participate in the prayer service of Petro Poroshenko everywhere brought to Lutsk

Independent observers found evidence that the crowd to participate in the prayer service of Petro Poroshenko, everywhere, had been brought in Lutsk.

Public network “OPORA” watching the President’s visit to Volyn, found that people were brought by bus to the prayer service with the Tomos.

Observers “recorded in Lutsk and Kivertsi, as dozens of people after the visit of the President gathered in groups and returned to the buses parked on several streets,” – said in the message.

There were also found signs of centralized transportation of people to the outskirts of Lutsk, where they in small groups came to the Cathedral on the Theatre square. In the video, OPORA has documented at least nine buses, driving people to the regional centers after completion.

“In particular, people gathered in groups of 5-10 people and go from downtown to the Shuttle buses… the question of where the buses carry people, the passengers said that in Novovolynsk, Kovel and Gorokhov,” – said in the organization

A similar situation observers saw in Kivertsi.

As reported by the SPM for support Thomas power had been brought to Kiev people at the expense of administrative resources.

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