Priest Alexander Tyshkevich: “I was furious – if a daughter dies, so I didn’t pray hard enough?”

Archpriest Alexander Tyshkevich was once predicted a career in the police, and now he is the rector of St. Peter and Paul Church in the city of Shilka of Transbaikalian edge. Helps victims after the flood, suits in the family, and in his movie Andrey Merzlikin.

Father Alexander Tylevich

  • As Zabaykalsky policeman through the tribulations of a priest became
  • Shilkinskaya the priest will help families from remote areas of Transbaikalia
  • SOS Transbaikalia: the Church helps victims of flooding
  • “The refrigerator floated like a cork” – as people of Transbaikalia saved from the flood

“At 6.30 I’ll be at midnight, ends at 7.15 in the morning rule, and let’s meet at the Church” – so he agreed with me about meeting the father of Alexander. Yesterday in three hours the night we arrived from Chita, where he met me at the airport. We went to areas affected by floods. On the way we stopped by the volunteer who told how in the summer they rescued people from the flood, to the social worker, who lectures about the dangers of alcohol, and just before leaving the city to get to school a little Cossack Zechariah, whom the parents brought to school after the holidays. Everywhere is calm, measured, slowly father Alexander listened to people, didn’t interrupt, as if we do not have in front of 250 km at night.

The priest listens to the problems of flood victims

“All cops are assholes” – and we decided to refute

– What you dreamed in his childhood, who he saw?

– Wanted to be a pilot, I wanted to do in the Armavir flight school. But growing up so unlucky that for the 11-th class has three times broke his nose and the pilots would not take me. The thought of going to a military school. But at home, as soon as I heard, had a family Council and dissuaded from a military career. Soon the parents came to work at BAM, I am with them. Then I served in Poland, a driver-mechanic in the armor. Returned and went with a friend to watch the village of the Quad – the Golden link of the BAM.

Then it was fashionable, the expression “all cops are assholes.” And my friend and I decided to refute it, go to work in the police, that there was not only goats.

Weaned in Blagoveshchensk, arranged in linear Department of transport militia station of Novaya Chara.

Remember, change will ottiolu and remain in the Department overnight. Once a state of emergency, my first raise, so on all major incidents and have been. Fed me on the job, the salary was spent on books. Three years later, gave a second Lieutenant, then became a senior inspector of the public security police, later grown to the chief of staff. We had exemplary Department. My men even in hard times did not take bribes. We on the contrary they were recorded. And the heads were arguing – where are we in the next year as bribes shall find?

The time when it was difficult, for months wages were not paid, travel is not easy. Soon after I got married, the wife also came to the police – the forensic expert.

– And how did you become a priest?

In the temple I first came into adulthood. Although he was baptized in childhood. Didn’t really know how to pray, to be baptized. I then worked and studied at the Institute of the Ministry of interior. We had the subject “Theory of state and law”, which no one could pass the first time. Went to the temple with the gun, I did not break up. But his thought – is it possible here with a gun? Uncomfortable somehow, I to the grandparents in the Church shop “Hold”. They are from me as from the plague shied away.

Hid, went to the icon and as I thought, and blurted out: “Lord, if You do exist, help me to pass the “Theory of state and law”.

And then I will be his life to build in accordance with what You are.” Turned around and walked out. At that time, I the Lord in my life not felt, even though he knew that I had someone in life helps, I’m from such situations were selected. The next morning came to pass, and it turned out that the teacher had just died colleague and he’s just not been able to take the exam. Put all the pass and released.

Seriously felt God later. First child, daughter Christine, we was born with a heart defect. To one and a half years, almost did not sleep, the night split down the middle, half of the wife with her half I. Raised money for operation in Novosibirsk, was laid everything I could. After the operation the surgeon came to us and uttered the phrase that changed my life: “I’ve done all I could pray now”.

At first I freaked out, it turns out, if she dies now, it means I didn’t pray hard enough? But then cooled off, came to, and my wife for the first time went to confession.

Daughter gave out of intensive care two days later, a month later we were sent home. With a temperature of 37.2 and the words: “get out, then will live.” At home, we invited father Victor, that he christened. My father told me to get water I brought, he felt, poured it out and got myself straight from the tap, ice cold. I told him: “the child after the operation, only the heart sewed up, yet the temperature is”. And he took my daughter and in this icy water with his head, once, twice. I decided – well, everything. And she stopped crying and all the Mystery calmly sat in the arms of the cross. Since then, this girl only gives diplomas: “Dad, that music, now school, that’s right.” Now lives in Chita, and is studying in medical school for a pediatrician.

“Tomorrow is Easter, I all the women was already released”

After baptism we became good friends with the priest. After some time I had health problems. Suspected brain tumor. Spent a month in the hospital, regularly repeated seizures – ached head, one eye ran with tears. No treatment helped. At this time I read the book “the Last days of the earthly life of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Read to the end and so I feel sorry for God. Just a lump in my throat. Himself could not understand, never with me such was not. Literally the next day the attacks stopped. I’m still a little held and released.

In the service

Soon Bishop Eustace (former Bishop of Chita and TRANS-Baikal – ed.) asked: “And you fight not tired? Enough, to war, to have God to serve.” I replied that I don’t have the same value, which would make me at least look like a priest. And he said: “I don’t Have one.” And I wrote a letter of resignation to captain two months had not completed. Everyone was in shock, I predicted a serious career. In frames two months did not give employment, hoping that I will come to their senses. But I already entered the pastoral courses. And now I think that before retirement, the police could not survive, any business could end badly. Wherever we were sent, for 20 unclaimed bodies were in a month. In Berkakit (a village in the Neryungri district of Yakutia – ed.) people cut in front of us.

Could not understand the structure of Church order. I’m in the military, clearly know the vertical and horizontal relationships as they relate to each other. And here the mayor says make the grandmother out of the shop more. All together – that obedience is the highest virtue and we should all listen. At some point I was disappointed and wanted to leave. In the morning, come to Church, and my Bishop takes and sets apart. So, without warnings. The first prayers I served as a deacon, and the second is a priest.

– As a family reacted to your choice?

The most important thing to me was opinion the grandfather. He was an ideological party, but very human. When he, for example, called and said that tomorrow Sunday work and need to collect people, he said, “You’re crazy, tomorrow is Easter, I all the women was already released.”

Came to him, and he was already sick with cancer in the last stages. Say that decided to engage with the police and to serve God. Grandfather said, “come on.” I left, and I had no doubt that I’m on the right track. Now I think that God specially held him, that he has blessed me.

The mother with the father was asked to serve to muster, to think about family. The parents I did not ask the Board, but they accepted my decision. Wife went with me, although I would have left anyway. By that time I already felt God personally, knew what He is and what He wants.

Service in Poland

“Our Mercedes – tracked all-terrain vehicles”

– How did you get in the Shilka?

– You can say that I was sent. I stood up for father Victor, somehow he’s guilty. Came to the Bishop and said bluntly: “Forgive him.” In the morning my hands decree – Shilka. To did not stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. But be warned that the arrival of a complex, five priests already “ate”, “all about eve” at every step. I thought, in which only scrapes did not survive, it will not survive?

In chilka serve for 18 years. The first three years do not receiving a salary. Matushka could barely make ends meet took on electricity. Morning Wake up, to temple resort, we’ll feed at lunch as well, and in the evening.

Now in my care twenty temples. Some of them still under construction, but there still are.

After the service

– To many of your parishes can only be reached by helicopter. How do you manage to serve there and to perform ordinances?

– Very simple. The priest at the time becomes the driver of the SUV. I call it the priests to the “Mercedes”. Only Mercedes our is a tracked all-terrain vehicle, donated by the Patriarch of the parish, a hybrid GAS-66 and gazelles on the solar cells that we collected in your garage, ZIL-131, equipped with a temple, and an old, but passable “Niva”.

In General, churches in the Northern towns did not exist before. During the work managed to start building five. All already go to the service. For me to go somewhere – real repose. Therefore, go “on the North” we regularly. In a route – Ust-Karenga, Tungokochen, Kicker, Usugli. In all the towns deliver humanitarian assistance: the Essentials, warm clothes, stay for worship only in part. The people there live very modestly, and recently also have suffered from flooding. In helicopters a lot to bring, we’re going on a specially prepared cars on land.

Tracked all-terrain vehicle on the grounds of the temple of Peter and Paul

In chilka already three of the Church and built the fourth. Where are the funds to churches, especially in hard to reach places?

– Each temple has its own story. For example, the temple in the village of Ust-Karenga we specifically announced the collection. The village is isolated from civilization, there is no electricity, no mobile connection. We winter on the ice brought back building materials. Then in the summer the aircraft was brought to the missionaries who collected the temple, had heating and prepared it for dedication. While carrying the temple made a film about it. Journey extreme happened, one of the Trucks went under the ice, thank God no one was hurt. The film has helped in training camp already for other things.

Sometimes I go to Moscow to speak on the radio, talk about our parishes and projects we do here, post the details to support them. And people help.

One day came my friend, Sergey Ten, and says he wants to build a temple. His father, Yuri M. Ten, was a legendary road Builder, built the Amur highway (Chita-Khabarovsk – ed.), state Duma Deputy from Irkutsk of three convocations, nationality pure Korean. In his honor, on the track named one of the passes – the pass of the Pyrenees. In 2003 he died and now his work continues the son who decided to honor the Pope to build a temple. So on top of the Pass tena appeared in the chapel. It was consecrated in honor of St. Nicholas, the assistant and the patron Saint of all travellers.

Homeless were removed from the train and arranged in families

– Opposite the temple shimmers in the sun new chapel and around the carousels, tracks. What is this place?

– A “Children’s village”. A few years ago in Transbaikalia was given the command to reduce the number of children’s homes. Cut them very strange – have closed all the rural children’s homes and brought kids into one big city. Nothing good came of it, children are not wanted there. And we came up with a project for the resettlement of Zabaykalsky in the family, highlighting the family apartment.

Built two houses. Partially utility bills paid by the Church also helps in the upbringing of children. Around already there is a Playground, bike path, in the center of the temple of icon Bozhiej of Mother “Education”. This is the only place in town where kids can walk and go rollerblading. The project is not finished, it is planned to build several houses and sports facilities.

The territory of children’s village

How many of us had to endure to bring to life, even to remember terribly. At this point the municipality was going shopping Mall to be built, but the inhabitants were not allowed, just living wall rose.

Similarly, three years ago, we defended the school in the neighboring village Kirsanovo. There were 56 pupils, it was going to close, buy a bus and take children to the Shilka. And we invited the village head to open it the Cossack school. Children were collected from different villages, from the Shilka to Zabaikalsk. Many of the complex families. Today there study of 110 children and places anymore. The school runs a kindergarten, – the barracks where the children live the whole week.

Here in Miranova build a “Children’s farmstead” stables where you can horseback riding. Boys-the Cossacks are now asking for horses to care for. There is a functioning shelter for stray dogs – several dozen dogs of various kinds in cages. Will attach in good hands.

On the Facebook page in a hobby you have stated: “children and all that is connected with them”. I understand that it’s not only about you and your mother children. As children began to appear at your home and in your life?

– Children are wonderful beings. Even when I was a kid, I’ve always been around kids cool. When my mother got married, I said that we will have 12 children, she said no only 8. But it turned out in my opinion. Two: Christina and Ivan we have given birth, another ten were accepted. It started when we worked in militia. Then times was hard, a homeless, often with the trains removed. So they don’t have time to baby the drive home, we to ourselves took away, was attached. Then he began to take the family. But also somehow accidentally, not on purpose. Now, six already live independently, study and work. The rest of us.

With mother

– What principles in education practice?

– I’m pretty strict father. Our family has no TV, computer and Internet children are only studying. But the freedom they have more than many. They do not sit in gadgets, don’t depend on alcohol and tobacco. No, they are not gifts, of course, but I was not present. All of my kids have musical education. Someone starting, someone went on. When we manage to get together, we play house concerts. I’m all very proud of them. And always say that with so many children to me old age is not terrible.

One day we went on a campaign to hoist the cross on the peak of the BAM – the Baikal region. With me was the editor of the local newspaper “Day sheet” Sasha Kuznetsov and two of my boys: Theme and Vanya. And that’s before the final pass. Sasha says: “Father, I want a cross to bear.” He is strong, healthy, and the cross weighs a lot – 17 lbs. Tried to dissuade him. He didn’t, and suffered. All go ahead and I follow him. Over the hill rise, sits Sasha is all white. Says: “right now, I flew down, and I was one of your caught by the collar held, and the second from under me and the stones were out.” And my 12 and 13 years old. So to me they saved the man.

With his son Ivan

– You have been visited by Elizaveta Glinka, why was she here?

– When we started to take children in the family, we became interested in the care of children. Steel pressed naturally, to arrive unexpectedly, and we have a house on the temple grounds and is always open. Looking for pitfalls – say, feed poorly, tortured by fasting and prayer. In the meantime, Zabaykalsky Krai took third place in teenage suicides and juvenile crime. And we were visited by the President of the Council on human rights under the President Mikhail Fedotov, along with Elizabeth Glinka.

And now volunteers with whom we had already worked together, invited them to visit us, explained what it is. They came right to my house. Although the administration of the Banquet they had prepared, was waiting. Fedotov was summoned to the Shilka, the Minister of education, the Prosecutor, chastised them at all so they rushed to apologize. That visit saved my family. And soon Dr. Lisa died… Effects of pressing the mother experienced for a very long time. And if earlier we wanted to take more children when older will grow, now even talking about it not starting.

“I want to get to heaven, don’t want anything else”

– Sometimes people say that God is for everybody, this can be taken?

Is God actually one. It may not be yours, mine. He is the Creator of this world, the Creator of the universe, and cannot be someone. It we someone. And what they say “God is in the soul”…

You know, if you look at the human soul through the eyes of a priest, is a cesspool of the city, what does God do? It is for this and came to this city the trash to put in order, to the person is not wrong within itself.

Yes, the person may not be formed tradition. But it’s a matter of time, wait, roasted rooster peck, and all at once learn to do.

Sometimes in the Church people don’t know how to behave correctly, where to stand, it annoys you?

– Like to annoy people?! When I came to this temple, from their grandmothers warned, though, one girl smeared suit and say something… whatever man – not so dressed, even drunk – if he came to the temple, it means that the Lord brought. And none of my business why he brought him. My job is to help. If you see that it is quite indecently dressed girl, for example, then we’re just going to the hanger, take the skirt and all.

Of the Sacraments you to do the most difficult?

I don’t like to baptize. More precisely, I do not like to baptize packs, EN masse, people are completely not prepared. Therefore, we in the Church rarely baptized. Training lasts a month. Ten people come to the courses, before baptism comes one or two. And I am very happy. After all, if you want rights, you must undergo training or sit behind the wheel and the ills done. Exactly the same here.

– How do you manage to burn so many cases I find the strength?

God is the great battery. And I connect to It every day, whereas most only on Sundays. Three days ago, arrived no, just the wheel is not asleep. Crawled to his cell, lay down, and remembered that the horses did not drink. Got up, went to the stables, poured water, oats gave, in the course of the dogs fed. While every nose kissed, carousing, they are all my tiredness was taken away. Sleep changed his mind, sat down to work.

– What do you like to read?

– I have enough specialized reading. But I recently just reread Bulgakov. In “Master and Margarita” I always to death was sorry for Pontius Pilate. He made the decision that ruined his life. And most importantly, that after his death he did not forgive. Point such that the skin stands on end. Like Tolkien and Lewis read. “The Screwtape letters” I recently read. It happens quite pressed for time, then turn on the audio book.

– Do you have a dream?

– Want to get to heaven. Don’t want anymore. Not because there good but because there is God. There is something all my life in this world is not enough. Dream, of course, to finish the “Children’s village” and “Children’s farmstead”. This year there should be a pool and stables. It is planned to about ten sites. Including the monument to Peter and Fevronia, paths and sidewalks. Temples to be completed and corematerial.

Three films you need to finish two up North, and one about how our places traveled Tsar Nicholas II. He was just passing through Miranova, and in his honour there is now laid one of our chapels. This movie should star Andrei Merzlikin. We accidentally met at the airport, he came up to me and asked for blessings. And I didn’t even know he was a famous actor, a TV is not looking.

And Merzlikina

Since we are friends and support each other. He is very pious, ministered in the temple and has four children.

Photo of the author and from archive of Alexander Tyshkevich

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