Prime Minister of Armenia: “the gospel is the most powerful Scriptures on human history” – Your Bible

In the spring of 2018, Armenia held a series of protests, which the government resigned, and the Prime Minister was Nikol Pashinian, writes In the LIGHT.

Earlier in interview to the program “After midnight”, aired on 1 Public TV company of Armenia, he told about his attitude to religion. When the host asked the future Prime Minister, whether he believes, and how it relates to the Church. Nikol Pashinyan said that in 1980-ies, one of his classmates named Haykuhi gave him a book he previously never heard of. “And this book was the New Testament, — the politician noted. — I started to read, and she shocked me with the strength and content.” Pashinyan stressed that the image of Jesus Christ left a deep imprint in his heart. According to him, this moment was the beginning of his relationship with the Lord. Developing the topic of relations between God and man, Nikol Pashinyan said that, in his opinion, each person has his own dialogue with God.

“I will also venture to suggest that even those who consider themselves atheist have this dialogue. For them, this dialogue is transformed into a dialogue with himself (monologue), but it is the place to be”, — added the politician. He also added that the New Testament, but rather the gospel is the most powerful writing about human history, and Jesus Christ is the most powerful way in human history. “It’s certainly for me, and Yes, I can count myself among the faithful,” concluded Nikol Pashinyan.

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