Prince William visited Israel and Palestine

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, entered this week in history, becoming the first representative of the Royal family, who visited Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Prince William spent most of his trip to meet with ordinary Israelis and Palestinians, especially young people.

“I’m also amazed at how many people in this country want a fair and lasting peace. I have heard from young people he met. They wish that in the history of this region has opened a new Chapter. The head, which will ensure them a bright future and development of their talents. It’s not extravagant desires. It is the desire of young people around the world,” said the Duke of Cambridge.


The Prince feels a special connection with the Jews. His great-grandmother Alice, who was buried on the mount of olives became the “righteous Gentile”, when saved the family during the Holocaust.

“This is the official certificate of Yad Vashem, we visited issued by the Princess Alice for the great spirit and the great thing,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The visit came at a time when the Palestinians fought with the US due to the fact that the President trump moved to the United States Embassy to Jerusalem. Many viewed the visit as a sign of favor to Israel. Message from Prince William to Israelis and Palestinians was the same.

“I know I share this desire with all of you and your neighbors. It is the desire of a just and sustainable world,” said Prince William.

The Prince visited the Old city of Jerusalem, prayed at the Western Wall and met with government leaders. President Reuven Rivlin asked the Prince to help in dealing with the Palestinian leaders.

“I’d like you to give him a message of peace and said that the time has come that we together have found a way to gain confidence,” said Israeli President Reuven Rivlin.

A day later the Prince had the chance, when he met with the President of the Palestinian authority Mahmoud Abbas.

“I hope it not the last meeting. We hope that you will return to us soon, when the Palestinians get their independence,” — said the President of the Palestinian authority.

The British are familiar with the Middle East. And although this is the first Royal visit, he won’t be the last.

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