Pro-family movement “Territory of responsibility” 5 years!

Pro-family movement “Territory of responsibility” — based “CBN-Ukraine” Association (“Emmanuel”) — celebrated its fifth anniversary in January 2019 Appeared as the website anonymous help pornosaitebi (, today the project went far over the original target. It consolidates and enhances the skills of thousands of consultants, counsellors, Pro-family leaders and experts in several countries, and helping victims of sexual violence and raises in churches and Christian communities, the topic of healthy sexuality, restoring the integrity of, a happy marriage and raising children.

On the birthday of “Areas of responsibility” summed up, shared plans and announced the re-branding. Now the movement is called “CBN Family Academy”!

“Probably, we as an icebreaker in the area of sexual integrity. The greatest achievement I believe that today Christians are not afraid to talk about it. There are churches, there are some people who see that this is a topical issue, it is necessary to say, and they invite us,” he shared at the celebration of Steve Weber, the President of “CBN-Ukraine” Association (“Emmanuel”).

“The most important achievement and feature of the Movement is to unite the people who don’t know each other, but they are doing the same thing in the field of family and sexuality. And, I would say that the most striking project is the School counseling “Restoration integrity”, which, Thank God, since March 2018 was released in an online format, and has recently appeared there in the eighth course, the eighth module. Its theme is “domestic violence”,” — says Svetlana Kucherenko, development Manager of the movement “CBN Family Academy” (“AORS”).

“School “Restoration of integrity” – a very big blessing to me. I not only learned a lot of useful information that can use to serve others, but first and foremost, I learned a lot for myself, got the healing in my heart, — says Tatiana Zbani, Graduate School “Restoring integrity,” a practicing Counsellor and consultant. — Many things that I thought God had already worked with them, it turned out that it is necessary to raise again… But my heart was healed, I felt lighter and I noticed that it is easier to serve others!”

“Listening with one ear to God and the other person to understand what to help him improve, so he could influence others, says about effective methods of counselling Anton Kolganov, trainer-consultant of the movement “CBN Family Academy” (“AORS”). — Our School counseling designed to educate the consultants in their local churches, in conjunction with their pastors and bishops, was a backup — as Op and Aaron were to Moses. Where the Church has such a vision and teachable, we are ready to help in this decision.”

“Territory” can be proud of. In five years, about 50 thousand people visited at least one event of the Movement or received useful information.

During this time, for the Ukrainian Ministers of different denominations were organized more than 70 seminars and Express-trainings with participation of foreign Pro-family experts (e.g. Jim Anderson, Dave Carder, Mack Ogren, Brett Martin, Wynn Cameron Thompson).

Six out of the seven unique three-day courses of restoration of family relations “Outback” , which took place more than a hundred couples and parents with children.
Thirteen three-day modules School “Restoration of integrity” went offline and the eight modules of the School are available to teach online (for more information about the School can be found on the website of the Movement by reference).
Regularly conducted public webinars on helpful family topics.
Developed unique printed manuals and training materials — practical assistance to Ministers, counsellors and consultants.

And, after all, the main achievement of the Movement during this time — it restored the lives of thousands of people who for years could not get rid of slavery to pornography, unhealthy sexual tendencies, complexes, but not of his essence, given by God.

“I have added integrity, — says Svetlana Yaroslavtseva, the volunteer movement “CBN Family Academy” (“AORS”). — I was very influenced by the good news about what is normal for a woman to want her husband’s devotion, loyalty, care… I am very glad topics you bring up, especially the theme “Rebuilding after divorce”.
“All those courses that I listened to, all very clear, very subjective, according to the needs which are in a circle of psychologists and counselors. Psychological lays a good Foundation — they say what people need to know to help other people,” says family and child psychologist Olga Kolesnikova-bumblebee.

“”Area of responsibility” (“CBN Family Academy”) is always the shoulder, is always resources. This is making up for a large query, which is the Christians of advice on very personal matters – with regard to sexual integrity, with regard to relations in the family, — says Sergei Tsvetkov, Executive Director of the International center of paternity. — Here is prepared by Ukrainian specialists that remain here, working for churches, training for churches. This is a very great blessing, and there is no organization in Ukraine, which would have done so much in this direction!”

The future course of the movement, which will now evolve under the new name “CBN Family Academy”, are already known. He will be more focused on the family and help to restore the integrity of a man desperate for change and needing support.

Maria Kurbatova
News “CBN-Ukraine”

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