Professor of the Kiev theological Academy he wrote a textbook on preaching

A textbook on homiletics was preparing for more than two years

Teachers Kursk and Kiev theological academies has developed a manual on the art of preaching – homiletics.

Vice-rector for scientific and theological work of the Kiev theological Academy Professor Vladimir Burega was the main author of a new textbook on homiletics, according to THOMAS.

The work on the publication lasted more than two years.

The book presents a historical overview of the development of homiletics as a science. In separate sections the issues on the content and form of the sermon, its preparation and publication.

In the textbook there is a unique section devoted to the life of the sermon after it was preached from the pulpit. It refers to the perception of preaching students, the feedback forms between preacher and audience, peculiarities of the distribution of sermons in written form but also in audio and video format.

Special attention is paid to the problem of contemporary preaching on the Internet.

Specifically for the preparation of a textbook the Professor of the Moscow theological Academy Archimandrite Dionisy (shlenov) translated from the modern Greek language textbook on homiletics Professor John Foundoulis that were taken into account in the work on the tutorial experience of the Orthodox Greece.

The textbook was published in the Publishing house “Knowledge”. As an Annex to the textbook prepares the reader which will include selected sermons of ecclesiastical writers from different eras.

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