Project Orthodox service “Mercy” received the award of the Moscow urban forum


Educational centre for children with cerebral palsy “Elizabethan garden” became a laureate of the Moscow urban forum in the nomination “Charity and social projects,” according to Diakonia.

The prize is awarded annually MUF CommunityAwards. Her nominees – urban communities, independent projects, private initiatives and start-UPS who have made great contribution to development of Moscow. In the nomination “Charity and social projects” were also presented the projects of the search party “Lizaalert” Fund “Volunteers in aid to children-orphans”, as well as the sports movement for athletes with different physical abilities #Bolshezemel. Best social project has chosen by vote on the website

“I am grateful to the organizers, who stressed the importance of our project and to all the people who voted for us. I would like to invite everyone into our garden to see that children with disabilities can do a lot. Our goal is to not only help the child, but to completely change my life to make her normal, to give parents the opportunity to work and develop,” – addressed the audience during the awards ceremony Tatiana Mishutina, head of the “Elizabethan garden”.

Development center “Elizabethan garden” is a joint project of the service “Mercy” and the Martha and Mary convent, Moscow’s only free kindergarten for children with moderate to severe cerebral palsy. In the Center with special children engaged psychologists, specialists in social adaptation, speech therapists, occupational therapists. Children learn to make their own food, take care of themselves, dress, pronounce words and sounds, learn to communicate with each other and with adults.

Service of assistance “Mercy” is a 26 social projects that help different categories of needy: children with disabilities, seriously ill people, homeless, pregnant women in crisis. Among the service projects “Mercy” – pediatric palliative mobile service, Holy Spiridonievsky hospice for elderly people and people with disabilities, crisis center “Home for mom” and other. More than 80% of the “Charity” exists on donations. To make a regular donation and become a Friend of mercy on the special page of the website.

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