Promotions and discounts of 70% – how not to splurge for the New year

For the New year from the glowing shop Windows of the heads go round. And, of course, is in the huge discounts that we offer their owners. What’s the catch and how not to remain without a salary, when there is a “sale with discounts up to 70%”.

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The store increases the price in advance and use the discount as bait

Andrew Arno, marketer, business coach

Whether on new year’s discounts you can save or cheat shops to pick up all of our money?

Andrew Arno

– The goal of retailers is to sell the maximum possible quantity of goods with the highest possible number of buyers at the highest possible price. The Christmas holidays provide retail the greatest possible number of buyers who buy huge amount of goods. At this point, the main objective of the shop is to give the price at which a buyer will buy. So start different price manipulation and combination, the main purpose of which is to shift the attention of the most buyers for your goods.

Of course, the store is not a charity, therefore, it aims to make this period as much as possible, and this means that any store will do everything that depends on it to force the buyer to spend as much as possible.

– What is the benefit for stores to do discounts of 40%, 70%, and “total” of sales?

– A 40% discount already placed on the brink of profitability. So before you give such a discount, store or in advance increases the price, or use of the goods is with such a discount as bait in order to sell to the purchaser another product without the discount. The buyer – being emotional and often greedy. When he sees the inscription “70% discount”, its rationality is immediately switched off and replaced by the euphoria that he won in the “attraction of unprecedented generosity”.

Greed – the basic consumer quality, which under price manipulation. First the buyer needs to enter in a condition in which he will feel the illusion of huge gains, and then through a series of thoughtful manipulations to pass the desirable for reality to them, while maintaining their own profit.

– How much do shops know about our weaknesses (for example, that will buy a woman and a man) and how insidious it use?

– Sales psychology is, therefore, to sell more, you need to know the psychological characteristics of the buyer. The buyer is not aware that in most cases he behaves as the seller wants. To achieve this, in the course are various marketing tools that affect the senses – color, shape, smell, sound, texture and so on, on the right of associations and images, ideas about the past and the future, of happiness and pleasure. This is a very complex and multifactorial scheme, in fact it is marketing the network, in which the buyer falls out.

Tips on how not to go broke before the holidays and new year holidays

1. To create shopping lists and forming holiday budget: who and what to give, what to buy for new year’s table, what events to attend, places to go, people to invite etc.

2. Make it in advance and start looking for places where it can be bought for less by comparing prices on the Internet.

3. If the meeting is planned after the New year and as a gift will be used new year’s paraphernalia, her need to buy in January.

4. As a rule, in Russian stores from January 15 to February 8, the prices of almost all goods is much lower in December, even with the declared in December of discounts.

The budget plan for the year allows you to save really

Ksenia Voronina, financial consultant

Ksenia Voronina

– It is important to determine in advance what your budget you are willing to spend on gifts, to prescribe, to whom they are intended. This amount would be good to put cash in your wallet and not to take a card, if you go shopping, not to spend the extra.

Exactly the ideal situation is when your annual budget a person plans in advance. There are expenses that occur every month: for gifts, a vacation, a major purchase. In the framework of the annual budget planning easier. It is also important not to forget about savings, especially given our pension reform.

In practice, unfortunately, few are planning for the year ahead, although this approach is advantageous because it can really save money. People planning a vacation, have the opportunity to buy tickets a few months when they are cheaper to buy in advance gifts. For example, in November we had “Black Friday”. If people had a list of things they want to buy, they could use this event to buy gifts in the new year hype, when in fact discounts are imaginary, and the prices are too high.

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