Prot. George Kovalenko: the question, celebrate Halloween or not, is not worth it

Former speaker of the UOC Archpriest George Kovalenko

Former speaker of the UOC invites believers to celebrate Halloween and call it a Day of all Unholy.

Modern Christians need to think not about how they celebrate Halloween and how to do it better, said Archpriest George Kovalenko on the website “Pravoslav in Ukraine”.

The priest proposed to rename this day “day of the Unholy” to “form meets the content.”

A cleric of the UOC wrote that the Church does not approve of flirting with evil spirits. But then added that believers attach themselves to Halloween religious reality, and urged them to “refrain from excessive sacralization (demonization) of Halloween.”

The priest wonders why people of faith “very seriously, others consider a game of dressing up.” “Perhaps it is we, believers, should get rid of their fears?” asked Archpriest George and offered to look at the icon of the last judgement, the depiction of the ordeal of Theodora or the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch.

Similar points he’s already used in 2017 in a blog on TSN. He argued that Halloween can be useful for upbringing and education of children.

Former speaker of the UOC offered “to bind a party to a particular artwork – the film, TV series, comic book, book” so the action was frame. “I personally Halloween is reminiscent of the Great ball at Satan from “the Master and Margarita” by Bulgakov,” shared George. And then he added that at the ball of Voland proved its reality.

27 Mar 2017 Georgy Kovalenko in front of the camera channel TSN renounced the priesthood. He stated that the Church does not give him the “right answers”, and tried to promote neo-paganism.

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