Protection of the blessed virgin: history, prayers, the akathist, icons, sermons

The feast of the Intercession of the blessed virgin Mary (celebrated on October 14) came to Russia from Byzantium and became one of the most revered. This festival is not among the twelve, but in spite of this, is one of the most important.

Intercession Of The Theotokos

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  • The Story Of The Intercession Of The Mother Of God
  • Hymns To The Holy Virgin
    • Troparion Of The Holy Virgin
    • Kontakion The Holy Virgin
  • The Akathist To The Holy Virgin
  • Prayers To The Holy Virgin
  • Troparion Of The Holy Virgin
  • The Icon Intercession Of The Theotokos
  • Sermon on the feast of the Holy virgin

What is the Intercession? What is the history of this holiday? Are there special prayers and hymns? This You learn from our article!

The Story Of The Intercession Of The Mother Of God

October 14, Orthodox Christians remember the events of the middle of the tenth century, when St. Andrew the Holy Fool and his disciple Epiphanius, had a vision of the Intercession of the Mother of God. It happened in Constantinople under the Emperor Leo the Wise. It was a difficult time for the Byzantine Empire. Empire threatened to attack the Saracens who were followers of Islam. Not seeing any external help in those days the Greeks in the multitude flocked in the Blachernae temple in which was preserved the robe of the mother of God and Her head-veil, and prayed.

During the all-night vigil in the Blachernae Church and prayed STS. Andrew and Epiphanius. And in the fourth hour of the night, Andrew sees the stately Wife, coming from the king’s Gate. It is supported by St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist. Many of the saints in white robes accompany Her. When She approached the pulpit, the PDP. Andrew approached Epiphanios and said; “you See the Mistress and Queen of the world?” — “You see, my spiritual father,” was answered, And here they see, bowed most pure knee and began to pray. A long time She prayed, tears pouring over His Godlike face. After prayer here, She came to the throne and began to pray for the upcoming Church people.

After prayers, took the virgin with Himself shining the great and the terrible veil, which was worn on our head and, holding it with great solemnity spread over all standing people. Looked saints Andrew and Epiphanius on the open veil and glittering, like lightning, the glory of the Lord. How long was there of the blessed virgin, visible and bedspread. After she left and it became invisible, but left all who were there, Her grace.

Goggles miraculous vision of St Andrew and Epiphanius told him about all the people. On this day, all left the Church with spiritual joy and hope for the help of the Queen of Heaven. And this hope was soon justified: the enemies without any bloodshed retreated from the city.

The feast of the Intercession of the blessed virgin Mary installed in the Russian Church from the XII century. In honor of the virgin Mary in 1165 the Great Prince of Vladimir Andrei Bogolyubsky was built one of the most beautiful and unique Orthodox churches of the Intercession on the Nerl.

It is the protection that proceeds from the virgin, are attributed to the numerous victories of the Russian army.

Hymns To The Holy Virgin
Troparion Of The Holy Virgin
Today, blagoverniy people, celebrate the light,
eenaeme Yours, mother of God, by coming and for Your viruse Holy image and the sweetly glagolom:
we are honest protect Your Cover, and deliver us from every evil,
praying Thy Son, Christ our God to save our souls.
Kontakion The Holy Virgin
Today the virgin remained in the Church,
and invisible images of the saints for us to pray to God:
Angeli with the bishops worshipped,
Apostoli with the prophets likewithout:
us Bo prays to the virgin Mary for the sake the pre-eternal God.

  • The troparion and kontakion of the Holy virgin (audio)
  • Intercession of the Theotokos: what is sung in that day in the temple

The Akathist To The Holy Virgin

Kontakion 1

Izbranna eternal King, previsa every creation of Heaven and earth Queen, who came sometimes in the Blachernae Church in prayer, and worthy worship with thanksgiving bringing, like in the darkness of sushi under Your omophorion glowing with faith and emotion running. You’re, like haves the power invincible, from all of us troubles Svobody, Yes, call to thee: Rejoice, our joy, protect us from every evil honest Your omophorion.

Ikos 1

Archangel and angel a lot, the Baptist, Evangelist and all saints leek, sopressata You, my Queen, in the Church Vlachernai and milenna supplications of Your world slashable, with surprise wotopera such: Rejoice, of God the Father without beginning, eternal grace; hail, God the Son Besleaga most pure vessel. Rejoice, God’s spirit dwelling Servatio favorites; rejoice, Heavenly ranks of angels endless surprise. Hail the dark forces of hell sekretnoe intimidation; rejoice, Yuzha on vozduxe sitout mnogoletie, Cheruvimy. Hail, Are commendable vampisoul sectorisation of St. Seraphim of; rejoice, Ease preblagaja cover and we zemnorodnyh, blahodarne worship. Rejoice, o our joy, protect us from every evil honest Your omophorion.

Kontakion 2

Beholding Thee Saint Andrew with Epiphanios in the Church on vozduxe for christiany God praying, poznaa, like a mother, thou who ascended into Heaven, Christ our God, and preparse on the ground, happily Poklonnaya all-good-cover Your souse: Alleluia.

Ikos 2

Mind neurotonin thou, o Theotokos the virgin, protected by Orthodox people, at once for the sake of our not know, since strong is the prayer of God the mother. We, Your sumosam taking good leading the information centre to You with emotion name: Rejoice, prilozena the Comforter of all who sorrow and burdened; rejoice, unfailing Mentor of all tabloidy and blinded. Rejoice, righteous personal anger of God on us by Thy supplications soon satisfier of all; rejoice, our evil passions awaits alike the inevitable hour wave taming. Rejoice, strong excitation dormant conscience; rejoice, it is easy to overcome wicked skills. Rejoice, for Ease hell Steneto and Dusi anger tremble; rejoice, EAGE for the gates of Paradise to all of us the lips are opened. Rejoice, o our joy, protect us from every evil honest Your omophorion.

Kontakion 3

The power of the most high overshadows with faith and reverence resorting to Your honorable cover: Edina Bo are You Precista and our most Holy Mother of God, dadisa, Yes, every petition of Yours will come true. The UBO every age the faithful praise Thee and Thy Son, sovus: Alleluia.

Ikos 3

The propertied wealth of mercy neskuchnoe, all concem land prostorechi a helping hand, to the Queen: healing the sick, suffering olabu, blind insight and all in all Legoida the needful Podesi, blahodarne blatant: Rejoice, invincible Orthodoxy kreposta and agrado; hail, Holy temples and Altara first decoration. Rejoice, of godliness, the surest fence; rejoice, o rulers incessantly of Sporpedia. Rejoice, invincible Voevoda leaders and Christian armies; rejoice, Holy mirror of truth the judges Nestorianism. Rejoice, the perfect Mind for mentors and Tutors; rejoice, blessing of homes and families of the pious. Rejoice, o our joy, protect us from all evil honest Your omophorion.

Kontakion 4

A storm of many troubles potuguese obsessed with us, mistress: stoish Bo before the altar of the Lord by setting up Your hands, and Malesia, like Yes our unworthy prayers, look Lord, the King of Glory, and listen to petitions calling on Your Holy name, for calling Your Son: Alleluia.

Ikos 4

After hearing the Lord God of Joshua, mulamasa and poilevaya the sun the way, dondezhe will take vengeance of the enemy. And now to hear Your prayer Lord Jesus, make me to be the elect of the Holy spirit. Wherefore, we, greshnyi you nadeyusya cover, You, like the Mother of God, Glagolitic dare: Rejoice, from the Sun myslenia and illumined us with the light of nesactium enlightens; rejoice, all-pure radiance of the soul of Thy whole earth prosvetova. Rejoice, cleanliness Telese Your all the heavens rejoice in Christ; rejoice, sacred monasteries of Christ’s intercession and snabgenie. Rejoice, faithful shepherds of the Church the courage and understanding; rejoice, God-fearing monks and the nun Mentor. Rejoice, neposlushnoe calm reverent elders; rejoice, secret gladness of pure virgins and widows. Rejoice, o our joy, protect us from every evil honest Your omophorion.

Kontakion 5

God-seer Moses in the militia sometimes Amalek, thou hand vozdvizheka, Israel toleware, thou disposale same hand, then Amalek tobidase, podderjanie it strengthened, to defeat an enemy. You, o mother of God, lifting Your hands to the pleading, if and Nickie podderjka always pobejdaet Christian enemies and shield us, thou invincible crying: Alleluia.

Ikos 5

Beholding Thee saints sobori on vozduxe in the Church Vlachernai molebniy hands on the Son of God goes joyfully with the Archangels and Angels are thankful Ti the song sung. We racisim, so Moiseevich owner, denima Twoim ukreplyaem sweetly cry to thee: Rejoice, Ease hand support for us all one of Her to us Luba and mercy; hail, our pred Newie at once, videnii and nevidimyy, state can’t. Rejoice, the dark Horde lusts of our drives; rejoice, the Divine Fire of Christ neopilina in His arms holding us, the frigid, the flammable. Rejoice, militant in the flesh chastity the fair wedding; rejoice, ascetic fasting and silence prisna interview. Rejoice, weary of sadness and sorrow soon the Comforter; rejoice, through the grace of humility and patience syrievaya. Rejoice, o our joy, protect us from every evil honest Your omophorion.

Kontakion 6

Poskodovana preacher of grace and of Thy mercies come unto those Holy St. Romanos melodos, from thou to You in a dream accepted a scroll on snizenie: the UBO wise. reasonably Petit, for Your glory, Holy, commendable pisati, crying out with faith: Alleluia.

Ikos 6

Sprang thou from the true Sun of Truth dawn, Devo Bolotnikova that lighteth all premudrosti God the Son, and to the knowledge of the truth leading such calling Ti: Rejoice, God’s Power and God’s Wisdom — Christ in the flesh gave birth; rejoice, Holy fool the wisdom of this world poromivka and blinded her to the path of the right things. Hail, Holy faith and guarding the Orthodox dogmas Mentor; rejoice, the wicked heresies and corrupting divisions of Iskorenennija. Rejoice, secret and unforeseen neudobe all good leading and whom befits Kazuya; rejoice, the false seers and vain divination patruleasa. Rejoice, in the hour of bewilderment good thoughts on the heart of believing; rejoice, from the adverse endeavours and foolish wishes mospeada. Rejoice, o our joy, protect us from every evil honest Your omophorion.

Kontakion 7

Hotei patient sevices the Lord of aviti His humanity imperceptible bounty of the abyss, the election of a United You to mother Yourself and make Thee people unresolved protected: Yes, whoever from them and by the righteous judgment of God is worthy of condemnation appears, you obache majestic cover remains on repentance, sowy: Alleluia.

Ikos 7

Marvelous showed despoil case Your Precista Thy Mother, o Lord, when thou prechody the omophorion in Her hands since the glowing ray of sunlight hath appeared, whom pokryvale people, who in the Church Vlachernai. About takovem UBO sign of Her merciful intercession plesase, horror and joy, oderisi, all ye glagolov: Rejoice, not made with hands covering, like a cloud, over the whole world stretches out; rejoice, the pre-eternal Bishop, His Son, a sign on Your hand holding. Rejoice, new mercy and new grace SIM in which the Orthodox Church; rejoice, pillar of cloud, from the temptations and the temptations of the world all of us covering. Rejoice, pillar of fire, the darkness of sin to all of us the way of salvation screenings; rejoice, the apparent piety of the ascetics clear strengthening. Rejoice, secret among the world of the servants of God a secret understanding; rejoice, for me, obnazhennaja good deeds, leaving Her protection and grace. Rejoice, o our joy, protect us from every evil honest Your omophorion.

Kontakion 8

Marvelous Thee from Heaven into the Church Vlachernai allshouse Angeli sospesa, Apostoli proslavila, the face of the saints and the monk and the wives of the saints bar vocalisa. The Baptist with the Evangelist poloniase, people, Susie in the Church, with joy Vapiano: Alleluia.

Ikos 8

All the highest and bottom vladychestva Lord, beheld Thee in the Church the mother of His stoas and affection to Him malasusa, said: “Ask, My Mother, Zane is not tradusa You, but will fulfill all Your petitions and thanksgiving to the information centre to You all Petit will teach: Rejoice, Cowhage Testament, wherein is kept the sanctification of all mankind; hail, Holy stamna, Neige hungry is reserved the blackness of truth, the Bread of Eternal Life. Rejoice, vessel satety, wherein ugotovana us for the flesh and blood of the divine lamb; rejoice, left by doctors to their hands priemlemaya awaits alike the inevitable hour. Rejoice, rasstavlennyh body but not in spirit and faith from the bed of sickness vozdvizheka; rejoice, populauon from an illness of the mind new and better sense of giving. Rejoice, straponed the path of sin and passions premade besetting us; rejoice, cruelty of our unrepentant hearts touches. Rejoice, o our joy, protect us from every evil honest Your omophorion.

Kontakion 9

All angel commendable brings You istanna mother of God and Mediatrix of all attracted to You, leading, like the indestructible cover Your righteous voznesenovsky sinners setupexe, distressed izbavlenii and Malesia on all the faithful, calling out: Alleluia.

Ikos 9

Vetia mnogobashenniye mute as fish, nedomajot, kako vocality the heritage of the great honorable Cover Your holiday: the whole Bo about You from them glagolemaya not essence contented to a single calculus of Thy bounty. We, Your boundless blessings when, with joy cry out: Rejoice, from ulcers and securitest smertnogo we observe; rejoice, from sudden fluctuations of the earth castles and villages preserving. Hail from rasliani waters and of the sinking of the strong hand ascend; rejoice, from zapalenia fiery dew of the prayers of Thy deliverer. Hail, from the hunger, both spiritual and physical Bread of Life syrievaya; hail, lightning strikes and thunder from the head of our outlet. Rejoice, from the invasion of the foreigner and the secret assassin-saving; rejoice, from domashnia of battle and strife half a world and love of fencing. Rejoice, o our joy, protect us from every evil honest Your omophorion.

Kontakion 10

Hotei to save the human race from the delights of the enemy: loving the Lord You, His mother, the gifts of the earth to help us, a shelter and protection, the future of the sad consolation of the grieving rejoicing the offended Patroness and Yes all from the depths of sinful vozdvignuta, singing: Alleluia.

Ikos 10

“O heavenly king, — glagolashe in prayer on vozduxe with Angels standing all-Holy, immaculate Queen, — receive every person mulamasa to You invoking My name for help, but not otjize from My face skinny and auslesen”. This auspicious prayer lysase, sabori saints gratefully wotopera: Rejoice, pure hands and heart of farmers the fruits of crowning the blessed; rejoice, help and righteous the right buy all soveschanie daysim. Rejoice, perjury and the unjust gains of the popular conviction; rejoice, the needy in the path, on land and waters sudden assistance. Rejoice, childless parents the fruits of faith and the spirit of joy; rejoice, bezmaternih orphans invisible Teacher. Rejoice, good intercessor who is in captivity and exile; rejoice, ever-vigilant guardian of the in chains and prison selasih. Rejoice, o our joy, protect us from every evil honest Your omophorion.

Kontakion 11

Singing and warmer semylanne hearing Your prayer for us vanlose, we ask You, o virgin Theotokos, for to the voice of Your servant: for You Bo in napastej and sorrow come running, and before Thee the troubles of our tears shed, souse: Alleluia.

Ikos 11

Thou will light receiving svemu, in prayer, burning, seeing Thee on vozduxe Blachernae Church, in accordance with many people, it is the former, vozglas: “Where to me this, Yes, come mother of My Lord comes to me?” Holy Andrew with Epiphanios warm malagousia to You, souse: Rejoice, all gifts of spiritual and physical nezavisna the Giver; hail, believing the beginning of repentance of sinners faithful Predstatelnoy. Rejoice, struggling with the passions and the everlasting prelogue Brahimi Sabornie; rejoice, the taming of the invisible rulers cruel and sironmani. Rejoice, secret rest and otrado slaves meek and suffering; rejoice, sielanka performing good matrimony. Rejoice, mothers decoradas a quick and painless resolution; rejoice, in the hour of death United all of us Assistant. Rejoice, o our joy, protect us from every evil honest Your omophorion.

Kontakion 12

The divine grace we ask for in Thy Son and God, stretch forth a helping hand, talking from us every enemy and adversary and umire our life, will not perish ljuta without repentance, but accept us in eternal blood, our Patroness, Yes, joyously call You: Alleluia.

Ikos 12

Singing Your sovereign intercession, praise Thee, all, like a solid Predstatelnoy our worship and You, about us, praying: I believe Bo and hope, like imprecise of Thy Son and God eternal and temporal good of all with love You blatant the information centre: Rejoice, the whole universe strong intercession; rejoice, all elements of the earth and the heavenly sanctification. Rejoice, all of blessing; rejoice, all slanders and temptations from the world, the flesh and the devil finding a violation. Rejoice, Nechaeva reconciliation fiercely warring; rejoice, nevedomoe correction unrepentant sinners. Rejoice, for not rejecting all the despised and rejected; rejoice, themselves desperate from ROVA destruction ishimaya. Rejoice, o our joy, protect us from every evil honest Your omophorion.

Kontakion 13

About To Be In Trouble, Mother, Most Pure Lady, Virgin Theotokos! You will vosvod spiritual and physical eyes, You extend rasslableniya the hands and from your heart cry, look upon the faith and humility of my soul, protect me awaits alike the inevitable hour the omophorion of Yours, izbavilsya from all troubles and misfortunes, and at the hour of death, o, o Auspicious prestani and prepared me for my sins, deliver me from torment, Yes take poklanyatsya call: Alleluia.

(This kontakion is read thrice, then ikos 1 and kontakion 1)

Prayers To The Holy Virgin

Prayer first

O most Holy virgin, Mother of the Lord most high forces of heaven and earth Queen, hail and the country awaits alike the inevitable hour our intercessor! Receive praise and thanksgiving singing these things from us, Thy unworthy servant, offer our prayers to the Throne of God your Son, that Your will be merciful to our unrighteousness, and will probavit the grace of His honorable honor Thy name with faith and love polanaise the miraculous image of Yours. Nesma Bo dostoini from Him, pomilovanje be alone, but You umilostivit Its about us, lady, thou all You possible point. Wherefore to Thee, thou to undoubtedly and soon our intercessor: hear us when we pray You, admit us to the Almighty cover of Yours, and ask of God Thy Son: shepherd our jealousy and vigil for the souls, gradopravitel wisdom and power, judges the truth and alizapride, mentor, mind, and humility husband love and harmony, Chad obedience to the offended patience, Obededom the fear of God, grieving complacency, rejoicing abstinence, all the same, we the spirit of reason and piety, the spirit of charity and meekness, the spirit of purity and truth. Her Mistress virgin Miloserdiya for disabled people Your; rasseyannyj gather, darkness on the right path guide me, old age support, young oculometry, babies bring up, and look down upon all of us the charity of Your merciful intercession, raise up us from the depths of sin and enlighten serdecznie our eyes to the vision of salvation, be merciful unto us and Wake ZDE tamo, in the country of terrestrial prishestviya and dreadful trial of Thy Son; preestablishes in faith and repentance from this life fathers and brothers in our eternal life with the Angels and with all the saints zhiti created. You Bo ESI, Madam, Thank heaven and Hope of earth, You are on the Lord our Hope and Intercessor of all flowing to You in faith. To You, then pray, and You, thou the mighty Helper, to themselves and to each other and a belly full of our betray, now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Prayer second

To the tsarina my Preblagaja, Hope my virgin priatelia orphaned and strange protectoress, help the needy and oslablennykh cover sresi my attack, srisi my sorrow: : I am obsessed with temptation, and the incoming carry. You UBO itself using the mi nemamo thou, thou strange okormi me, guide me thou, tabloids, uvračuj and save thou hopeless. Not the Imam Bo inyya help nor inago intercession or comfort tokmo Thee, o mother of all the afflicted and heavy Laden! Look UBO on me, a sinner in the bitterness of things and protect me with Your Holy omophorion, Yes, free will from angry, mya abashedly, and will take prepate praise Thy name. Amen.

Troparion Of The Holy Virgin

Troparion, tone 4

Blagoverniy this day people light celebrate, Your eenaeme, mother of God, by coming and for Your viruse Holy image and the sweetly glagolom: we are honest protect Your Cover and deliver us from all evil, praying Thy Son, Christ our God to save our souls.


We magnify Thee, o all-Holy virgin, and honor the Cover of Your honest, in Thee the form of a Saint Andrew on vozduxe, for us Christ praying.

The Icon Intercession Of The Theotokos

The Intercession Of The Virgin.The Holy virgin icon 1

The Holy Virgin. Northern Russia, XVIII century.

The Holy Virgin. Russia, XVIII century Church of the Intercession in the village of Seleznev Spas-Klepiki district, Ryazan region.

The Holy Virgin. The end of the XVIII century

The Holy Virgin. The South of Russia, the Cossack villages, 1825-1850.

The Holy Virgin. XIX century.

The Holy Virgin. Nineteenth century Butyrka Temple

The Holy Virgin. Russia, last third of the XIX century.

The Holy Virgin. Twentieth century Monk Gregory (Circle)

Modern icons:

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