Public organizations are collecting signatures in support of the position of Anne of Turchinova – Your Bible

Human rights and Pro-family organizations, expressing their concern about the persecution of the Dean of the faculty of natural and geographical education and ecology of the National pedagogical University. Drahomanov Anna Turchinova for viskazivaniy Pro-family position. Information about for material to “Gromadska” was published Turchinovu a blog called “Hoodectomy. Part 1. How to corrupt the children,” in which she criticized the anti-discrimination amendments to Mont.

In an interview Turchynov expressed assertion that LGBT people are abnormal, homosexuality is a disease, and discrimination against women in Ukraine does not exist. A comment that Dean did after his statement, upon some work of the expert Commission of the Ministry of education – recall that the Department boasted a strikeout of new textbooks, the word “parents.”

Turchynov in his speech, first, doubted the existence of the necessary expertise of this expert Committee, and secondly, were in favor of “traditional family values” and the “classical” role of women in society, and thirdly, stated that the changes proposed by the special anti-discrimination Commission of MES for textbooks, “is aimed at the elimination of the classical model of the family.”

“The kids destroyed the focus on marriage and family obligations towards their parents and children. Who decided that the traditional roles of women and men in the family is bad?”, – asked the Professor.




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