Published edition of the Bible dedicated to the land, the people and God of Israel

The Bible is a major bestseller of all time, and she did not give up their positions. The latest version immediately became a hit on Amazon. This option should be palatable to both Christians and Jews.

“The Israeli Bible is the only Bible that focuses on the land, the people and God of Israel,” said Rabbi tuli Weiss, editor of “the Israel of the Bible” of the organization “Израиль365”. It was he who decided that the 70-year anniversary of Israel – this is a wonderful opportunity to release such a version.

“The Bible has greatly influenced our civilization. But it is also a major source of friction and division between Jews and Christians, who together profess to love the Bible. The vision of the Israel Bible is to use Scripture as a source for uniting Jews and Christians and all those who love the Bible,” says Weiss.

It is the Jewish Scriptures. This is not a New Testament or Brit Hadasha. Why Christians need to read the Israeli Bible?

“First, I’m not a Christian, but I know Christians who want to read the Bible, which was read by Jesus. And he read the Jewish Bible, the Tanakh. My Christian friends told me that this is the Bible that Jesus read. In addition, the prophets, the same Isaiah said that in the future, in the last days, people who are not Jews, will begin to say to the Jews: “Teach us the Torah, teach us the Bible,” says Weiss.

Israeli Bible contains special notes and divided into 929 chapters.

“First, it opens like any Jewish book – backwards. Many of our customers say, “Hey, wait! My Bible opens backwards.” This is not a bug. We did so on purpose. All the verses about Israel are highlighted and are given with transliteration, so that every person could read them in Hebrew. And at the bottom of each Chapter we have the notes,” explains Rabbi Weiss.

Weiss believes that this version appeared in an important time of the unfair criticism aimed at Israel.

“The eyes of the world are riveted on Israel as never before. There are world leaders who say that Israel occupied the land. But the Bible says it’s wrong. It is the earth which God has given us. People need to understand God’s Word, especially if they don’t know which side are. You support Israel, support the neutrality or are against Israel? Just read the Bible,” urges Rabbi Weiss.

Also, as previously reported, a rare medieval Bible finally returned to Canterbury Cathedral after five hundred years of absence. This Bible was found and purchased at the auction of manuscripts in London. Newspaper “antique trade” reports that the Bible was rewritten and illustrated by a monk of the XIII century. She disappeared during the Protestant reformation.

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