Publishing the Council held a round table with young writers


November 15, 2018 at the media center of the “Evening Moscow” was held a round table “a Young writer on the road to “profession”,” the website of the publications Board.

The round table was attended by the Chairman of the Publishing Council of the Russian Orthodox Church Metropolitan Kliment of Kaluga and Borovsk, assistant to the Chairman of the Publishing Council Dmitry Volodihin, young writers Pauline matytsina and Grigory Yeliseyev, and also winners of International children’s and youth literary contest named after Ivan Shmelev “Leto Gospodne” Sofia Marilucia, Daria Kislova and Grigory Volkov.

During the discussion the following issues were discussed:

  • For what the young author is in literature?
  • Young writer: ideals or technology?
  • How are the names?
  • How to write to get noticed and appreciated?
  • The role of literary contests.

Opening the roundtable, Metropolitan Kliment told about the contest “summer of the Lord” organized by the Publishing Council, to support students in grades 6-12 to take the first steps into literature. He noted that the Church through this project allows young authors to develop their creativity. According to him, the work of the finalists is not just school essays, and works of art, in which the children often touch on the subject of suffering and heroism. Dmitry Volodihin as moderator of the round table presented a collection of “sun gold”, which included the creative work of finalists of the contest “Summer of the Lord.”

Young writer Pauline matytsina told that it is literature because she loves to work with the word, to create his own artistic world and it is important to the reader’s response. Grigory Eliseev noted that today, for the young author has a lot of opportunities to prove himself. For this you need to publish their works on the Internet, to participate in competitions. This activity can produce results, and the talented writer will pay attention publishers. And then, in his words, “literature from a hobby turn into a job.”

Student of the Literary Institute Grigory Volkov said that it is very important for creativity and meaning, and mastery of craft. And Sofia Marilucia, Theatre College student, admitted that using the word she, above all, know thyself. Daria Kislova shared experience of participation in the contest “Summer of the Lord” and told about his studies in the Literary Institute, where she attains the skill of the translator.

Addressing young authors, Metropolitan Kliment said that a writer needs to be inquisitive mind, and need a lot of work to come up with something new.

All participants acknowledged that good works make the world a better place and all agreed that it is important that the writer was a sincere belief in God.

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