R. Pavlenko: date of unification of the Cathedral is already known

R. Pavlenko on air of the program “Results of the week”

On the date of the unification of the Cathedral and the text of the Tomos said the Advisor to the President Rostislav Pavlenko, who participated in the negotiations at the Phanar

Constantinople has already determined the date for the holding of a unifying Council. Her voiced Patriarch Bartholomew when will consider necessary – said Rostislav Pavlenko on air of the program “week” on 5-m the channel.

“The Ecumenical Patriarch has left behind initiative to call it (the date of the unifying Council – ed.) and invite those bishops who actually and take part in the unification Cathedral of the Ukrainian independent Orthodox Church,” said the official. According to him, the date is set. “In the end, the promise of Fanari, that is, to determine the date they performed. Date is defined, in this I can assure. But there is a certain vision of how it will be presented” – has assured R. Pavlenko.

In addition, the adviser to the President announced that the text of the Tomos is not known until its delivery to the Primate of the new Church. “We can say very clearly that the Tomos, its text was agreed at this Synod, that is, Tomos adopted, but he will be released after the ceremony. It is a unique document, which is given once and is given to the Primate of the new Church,” said R. Pavlenko.

According to Governor of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Metropolitan Pavel of Vyshgorod, on the unification Council would not be one of the hierarchs of the UOC.

Earlier it became known about the decisions of the Synod of Constantinople in Ukraine.

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