Radicals are asking for participation in actions against UOC from $2 000 to $5 000.

Until the authorities that are limited to informational pressure on UOC

According to journalists, the power scenario in the religious sphere of Ukraine is paused, but it can be implemented after the 7th of January.

In the President’s Administration made a decision to January 7 only use the information pressure at transition communities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in ptsu. At the same time is not excluded the military option development. About it reports the edition “News” with reference to its sources.

“In the border with Russia and Belarus areas of possible involvement of radical forces, in particular, the “Brotherhood” and C14 (leader Yevhen Karas), – said a source knowledgeable about the results of the meeting in AP. – While in conversation with Igor Kononenko (one of the most influential deputies from the BPP – note. “News”) korchinskiy raised prices to $5 thousand per participant shares, Carp – up to $2 million of Such money under the action yet.”

According to “News” from participation in such activity has already refused a number of organizations: Nazarus, the Right Sector, UNA, “Tradition and order.”

“In fact, the active action will not be until the DNC will not get a Tomos – until then, the Church and the situation in Ukraine is, relatively, in the “gray area” – leads the publication the words of an expert Alexei Yakubina. – The role played by the position of the Western partners of Ukraine in the week Marie Yovanovitch came to the monastery and met with Metropolitan Onufry, then the AP sent a signal: to formalize the new structure should not be violent incidents.”

Earlier the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov declared that sees in the creation of ptsu possible factor of destabilization in the country before the election because the politicians are unable to speculate on and to kindle the fire of enmity.

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