Rake a pile of garbage, and at the bottom of it – the forgotten Cross

Let’s be honest: the story of the finding of the cross sounds to the modern ear quite unconvincing. To restore the secondary (this is for the believer the cross is the great Shrine, and for an archaeologist is just one of the instruments of execution in the Roman Empire) artifacts associated with the events of three centuries ago, it is difficult even now, when researchers have carbon Dating and other scientific achievements.

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The Queen threw a work gold coins

The Nun Eugenia (Senchukova)

In the first half of the IV century was nothing but the order of the Queen. And serious Church historians like Eusebius of Caesarea, and the authors of the Apocrypha, the same “Golden legend”, give a few episodes that skeptics only cause laughter.

First, tell us that Queen Helena was standing over the workers and threw them gold coins, so they are harder to dig. Yeah, for a fee you can find not only the right cross and a plaque with the inscription “Jesus of Nazareth, king of the Jews”, but even the bones of that carpenter to the cross cut.

Second, the testimony of Judea with the symptomatic name of Judas, who for a long time not fix, where is crosses survived, but under torture he confessed. Under torture can also be anything to confess.

Yes, and in Jerusalem since the Crucifixion of Christ has experienced at least two destruction. First – during the First Jewish war, the second half of the 60-ies, when the city was in ruins, and the Jews who lived in Palestine, barely a little more than half. People died in war, from famine during the siege of Jerusalem, many were executed, some died in slavery… the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed, in its place was built the temple of the Supreme Roman deity Jupiter.

Even then, the search items related to relatively recent events, was very difficult. Try to find the remains of concrete logs, replaced thirty years ago in a house that burned to the ground.

The second time Jerusalem was destroyed in the year 135, after the unsuccessful revolt of Shimon Bar Kochba. Not quite true, unfortunate – encouraged by the Jews kept their capital for three years, and many even believe that their leader is the promised Messiah. (There is a reasonably assumption that it is here that the road of Judaism and Christianity finally broke – up to this point Christianity was perceived as one of the Messianic Jewish sects.)

The Roman Emperor Hadrian such arrogance has not suffered, the city once again destroyed, the Jews, and the Christians have forbidden him to even come close, and revered places of the established pagan temples. Between Christians and Jews he is a special difference did not see – all the same barbarians, so defiled not only the place of the Temple in Jerusalem, where the followers of Bar Kochba tried to rebuild their Shrine, but the Christian “landmarks” – the hill of Calvary and the graveyard beside it, where, obviously, the Holy sepulcher. A vengeful Emperor established there a temple of Venus.

But for some reason we are in this story believe

Jerusalem did not. In its place arose a Roman colony Aelia Capitolina, which the current Old city of Jerusalem much more in common than the Holy city in the time of Jesus Christ.

Hard to imagine that almost two hundred years later, from even the strongest of human memory has anything left. Where was preserved a wooden cross, thrown in the trash? And even more so a special guardian of the legends of antiquity the Jew, whose grandparents could not enter the city more than once a year, and in a rare visit was hardly interested in the Calvary and the dump with crosses – the figure is absolutely fantastic.

The tradition about the healing of the sick and resurrection of the deceased with the help of the found cross, the skeptic would not even consider.

The finding of the cross by St. Helena. Painter Cola Dell Amatrice

But for some reason we are in this story believe. Heart believe. Something in the soul responds to it. Probably because this story – it is about the soul just is.

Because this story is about repentance and returning to Christ. Or rather, about finding Him. He aren’t left, He stood the whole time beside us.

Once we turn away from the faith. When we riot, once immersed in the life and problems and don’t want to think about anything other than himself and his pleasures. In other words, once we more or less consciously immersed in sin. And by the Holy Jerusalem in my heart – that same Jerusalem, which once welcomed Christ remain his pathetic ruins.

Rake the pile and at the bottom – the forgotten Cross

Even less than the ruins – it is not the Holy Jerusalem, and Cutesy, and completely alien Aelia Capitolina, nothing to do with him not having. It is inhabited by passions and brilliant and hellishly glowing void, and the passion, the intoxication, narcotic buzz take the place of the Holy, which previously was concentrated in the presence of Christ, bitter in Its pain and death and sweet from His resurrection, and the open doors of Paradise. Venus sits on Calvary and is the bed of the Holy Sepulchre.

And when there seems to be no sign of a revival in Jerusalem destroyed mutilated soul comes persistent Queen Helena Vera. She is calling grace begins to awake all alive, what else is left. She was shaking by the collar, kicks, screams in the ear of the most resisting part of not wanting to abandon the “godless” life “I” that Jew Judas. And it is near the temple of the Holy Venus, the temple of the pursuit of pleasure, which is never satisfied (what was it like? “everyone who drinks of this water will thirst again” (Jn. 4:13), even it is not a Christian Buddha knew that all the suffering – from thirst, from desire, and only freed from them, can cease to suffer – but the main thing the Buddha did not understand, because he lived long before Christ and in a completely different part of the world), you’ll find a bunch of garbage. After all, nothing but debris, the satisfaction of desires does not leave. Drank this bottle of cheap cocktail threw; ate a dozen brownies – box threw.

Rake the pile, and at the bottom it is just seemingly a forgotten Cross. Salvation. It is easy to see from his touches in the soul is no longer sick with the fever, resurrected what was dead.

And faith-Elena settles down with his second “hypostasis,” Patriarch Macarius (you can compare it already with deliberate steps to the Church), she erects a newly-found cross, lifts it higher and higher to every corner of his soul remembered. Soul and recalls. She is overcome with the whole Cross – to the last of Judah, which is no longer a Jew, and that part of the soul that is responsible for the readiness to suffer for Christ even unto death. The fabulous “Golden legend” not for nothing says that Judas was baptized and became Bishop Cyriacus of Jerusalem, was martyred in the reign of Julian the Apostate.

Aelia Capitolina again becomes the Holy city of Jerusalem.

In the centre of the soul is the temple of the Resurrection – the meaning of faith, without which it is futile. Guidance for the soul will forever be the cross of the Lord – It is given for you.

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