Religious extremism has become part of public policy, journalist

The pressure on the UOC caused by political factors, says Ian Taxor

The reasons for the current pressure on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church beyond the religious sphere, said Yang Taxor.

Religious extremism became part of state policy and ideology in Ukraine. This opinion was expressed by writer and journalist Ian Taxor during the conference “Christian values in the modern world: shared challenges,” reports “Perche Kozatskiy”.

According to him, today in respect of the UOC is under constant defamation and no one punished.

“It is a moral terror, – said Taxor. More than 50 churches of the canonical Church is already captured. In Kiev ten churches tried to set fire to”.

The writer said that it was TO appeal to Constantinople and the intention to create a new Church in Ukraine.

“What happens now? We say “if you do not recognize the new Church, will not join her, we will take you all the 200 monasteries, temples, will select you the opportunity to serve his people.” This religious extremism has become part of government policy and ideology. Our Church is declared an accomplice of the enemy and subjected as such to moral terror,” he stated.

He also noted that all the causes of new persecution lie outside the religious sphere.

“They are political, financial in nature but are not salvific mission of the Church. The reason is prosaic: some political forces want to remain in power and use to attack the radical electorate, which usually brought up on hatred to the Orthodox faith. We are talking about percentages of the election campaign”, – concluded Taxor.

Earlier the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that “representatives of the Russian Church” has nothing to do in Ukraine, and recommended them to go “home”..


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