Reposed Orthodox writer Nikolai Konyaev

Nikolai Mikhailovich Konyaev

September 15, 2018, on 70-m to year of life in St. Petersburg, died outstanding Russian writer, winner of the Grand literary prize of Russia and other creative awards Nikolai Mikhailovich Konyaev.

The main work of his life was the service of Russia. In his works, talking frankly and boldly addressed many topics related to the past and the present of our country, encouraging each to self-understanding of the events of Russian history. His works received numerous literary awards, and most importantly – has found a grateful response in the human psyche.

Being a deeply religious man, Nikolai Mikhailovich in his works paid special attention to religious subjects. He was the author of a number of biographical books about the ascetics of the Russian Orthodox Church, in particular, the new Martyr Metropolitan Benjamin of Petrograd, the famous Abbot of the Valaam monastery in Damascus (Kononov). He willingly endured the hardships of long journeys on a pilgrimage to the Holy places of Russia, which then was told its readers.

His active Patriotic position N. M. Konyaev consistently defended in public work, being a member of the Board of the world Russian people’s Council. Efforts Konyaeva in St. Petersburg was established the Orthodox society of writers, bringing together colleagues and associates in the target’s name, which he testified: “to Help the intellectuals to find a way in your own home, the Russian Orthodox Church.”

Pray for the repose of the soul of the departed servant of God Nicholas. May his memory be eternal!

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