Resident of Pomerania found in the shed fragment of a painted vault of an ancient chapel

The face of heaven painted in the chapel of the Holy spirit d. Glazovo. Photo from archive Park

In Kenozersky national Park was a very important event — the return of the lost fragment of one of the painted faces of heaven from the chapel of the Descent of the Holy spirit in the village of Glazovo, according to the Park’s website.

On the verge the figure of an angel — the six-winged Seraphim. This valuable item found in an old barn, passed to the Museum Fund Park Sergey A. Amosov, a resident of the village of pocha.

Sergey Amosov. Photo from archive Park


In the chapel in the late XIX — early XX century, there was a 16-sided “sky”. On a saturated blue background front look image of the apostles, the archangels, the Crucifixion with Bystanders.

Painted the heavens in the chapel of the Holy spirit d. Glazovo. Photo from archive Park

As samples, the painter has used the same themes of the murals of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, performed in the 1860s by the same painter on the Kenozero lake was made and another ensemble, the iconostasis of the chapel of the monk Antonii of Siisk in the village Podomskoe. On the back of one of the icons of the iconostasis of the discovered author’s stamp of the painter “F. S. Borovsky. Oshevensk. Kargopolsky district”.

At the time of the restoration Glazov “sky” in 1998, has not survived all five radial and angular faces. But the painted “sky” was a happy fate. For several years iconic Board in fragmentary state returned to the Museum Park. In 2013, in the village of Ryzhkovo in one of the houses was discovered face image of the Archangel Gabriel, in 2015, Irina Goryacheva from the city of Arkhangelsk has brought part of the Board with the face of the Archangel Barachiel, then, by accident, was discovered face image of the Archangel Michael and the corner of the sails. The return of S. A. by Nosovym image of the Seraphim is a valuable addition to the once full of painted complex.

Chapel of the descent of the Holy spirit (1801-1804., second floor. XIX century, early XX C.) in d. Glazovo. Photo by D. Korionova, 2014

Kenozero national Park thanks Sergey A. Amosov and residents. for caring and working together to preserve our historical and cultural heritage.

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