Residents of the village of Pohreby voted for the transition of the community of the UOC in ptsu

In the Cellars of Kyiv region the believers of the UOC fear of capture only to the country’s Orthodox Church.

In the meeting room of the village Council about hundreds of people calling themselves “Orthodox community of the Dormition of the Mother of God” C. Cellars, voted today for the exit of the UOC.

2 February in the village cellars of the Brovary district of Kyiv region in the boardroom of the village Council, the villagers unanimously decided to change the jurisdiction of the local religious community.

As announced on his Facebook page “First Kozatskiy”, the clergy and parishioners of the Dormition of the Theotokos, the faithful of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, was praying near the temple, wanting to protect him from visitors of radicals. Nearby stood a bus with police officers. It is noted that there were representatives of the “National Teams”, but “radical guests” for a long time in the village did not stay – shouted traditional anti-clerical slogans and left.

According to official data, the village is home to more than 2 thousand people. At the same time to participate in the meeting was registered about hundreds of local residents. Calling themselves “Orthodox community of the Church”, the meeting voted to transition the only Orthodox Church in the Cellars of the new Ukrainian Church structure.

As reported by the SPM, attempts to “translation” of religious communities of the UOC in the DNC vote on the basis of territorial communities in Ukraine are happening everywhere. So, in Mikhaylovka, Odessa region officials are going to raise the question of the jurisdiction of the community of the UOC “the General gathering of the village”. In the village of Krasnosilka Bershad district, Vinnytsia region, the local community also voted for the transition to the PCU, despite the fact that the religious community had previously confirm their loyalty to the canonical Church.

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