Resources for the blind now available worldwide

Christian record service for the blind (Christian Record Services) in collaboration with the Adventist Ministry to people with special needs publicly announced their joint efforts to provide resources to people with visual impairments in Church regions outside of North America. The announcement was made at the Annual Meeting of the Church of Seventh-Day Adventists in Battle Creek, Michigan, USA, October 17, 2018.

“The Church of seventh-day Adventists believes that people who are blind, and those who have poor eyesight, are in need of reaching the gospel, but also have the right to use the spiritual gifts that God has given them,” said Larry Evans, Director of the division of Service to People with Special Needs in the General conference of seventh-day Adventists.

Diane Thurber, President of Christian Record Services, Inc., said welcomes the new partnership. “We are excited to work with Larry Evans and a network of leaders serving people with special needs to share the blessed hope with all people,” she told the audience of Church leaders and the rank and file delegates from around the world.

Through this partnership, the leaders of local churches can choose new services for its members, including free access to an online library of publications of the Christian Record in multiple formats such as streaming audio, e-print, large print, and refreshable Braille. Christian Record Services for the Blind serve the members who are almost blind.

Two advanced products available to members with a scale of payment based on the number of members. Extra options of services and products is considerably reduced to facilitate the development and growth of Ministry to blind people in the Church regions outside of North America. Costs borne by the local Church administrative region, and all the resources for the participant are free.

One of the variants of service — English and Spanish tutorial, Bible study for adults in the format of Braille or audio. The second option gives members the choice of magazines in audio, Braille and large print.

Church regions can order additional products by the gross, for example, many books available in large print and Braille; the Bible; and the collections of hymns of the seventh-day Adventists. Christian Record can facilitate the translation of the text into Braille for some languages. Costs depend on the specific project. The service agreement of the churches in the regions will be updated annually.

Serving people with special needs the Church of seventh-day Adventists seeks to inspire, equip and mobilize those who serve God and society as expressed in the mission statement of the Church of seventh-day Adventists. Serving people with special needs based at the office of the General conference in silver spring, Maryland, USA.

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