Restorers have opened up new fragments of frescoes in Snetogorsky monastery in Pskov


Restorers have opened up new fragments of frescoes in the Cathedral of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Snetogorsky monastery in Pskov.

The discovery was made during restoration work which started in the spring of this year in the framework of the Federal target program “Culture of Russia (2012-2018)” and is currently coming to an end, reports a press-service of administration of the Pskov region.

Previously unknown fragments of the painting, according to experts, in the style of Balkan ornaments. “Drawing a complex weave, also called simply “twist”. We can see approximate colors, the movement of the brush of the master leads to the feeling that the swirls were conducted as if in one breath,” — said restorer of the highest category Tatyana zolotinskogo.

The Cathedral of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary painted in 1313 famous Pskov paint from clay on Znatnoj mountain. Painting different colour shades from purple, deep purple to red and kristovich colors. Currently, the painting is partially preserved and is the only monument of the old Russian monumental painting of the first half of the 14th century, and a vivid example of the Pskov art school. The Cathedral has the status of a particularly valuable object of cultural heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation and was nominated to the List of world heritage of UNESCO.

To preserve the unique frescoes, the restorers strengthened the foundations and the walls of the Cathedral, built of limestone slabs and bricks on lime mortar, which had lost strength. In the cracks of walls and plinths, as reported in the North-Western Directorate for construction, reconstruction and restoration of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation were established injection steel tubing, which pumped the solution for a bunch of historical masonry, sometimes up to 100 litres per one tube.


Currently, the temple required a comprehensive restoration. It is planned to finalize the project documents, the creation of cartograms, which will allow us to estimate the volume of previously performed works, as well as the extent of the preserved painting on the walls of the Shrine. It is expected that after restoration the monument will be open to tourists.

Note also that not so long ago, at a special meeting chaired by acting Governor of the Pskov region Mikhail Vedernikov discussed the issue of preservation of the entire ensemble lady of snetogorsk monastery. At the suggestion of Mikhail Vedernikov, the issue of the resumption of work to strengthen the slope on which stands the monastery, which was suspended in 2010.

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