Revival in Toronto: while people criticize, God works miracles

The Christian Church wants such an awakening that will change the world. In recent decades one of the most powerful movements of God began in the Church of Toronto. Although the revival in Toronto was criticized, God has performed many miracles and changed the lives of millions.

The recent meeting called “light the fire again” occurred in a place where there was the so-called “revival in Toronto.” In 1994, when speaker Randy Clark served together with pastors John and Carol Arnot, the Holy Spirit suddenly took service under his control. This was repeated every day for many years, which has attracted people from all over the world.

Heidi Baker arrived in Mozambique where she worked as a missionary. Her life has changed dramatically in Toronto.

“I was a burned out missionary. I’m so tired that even though a degree in systematic Theologie, I didn’t want to teach it. I wanted to go to work in a supermarket. That’s how much I tired. I came here with bilateral pneumonia. First and foremost, I was completely cured. And then I saw Jesus and His burning eyes of love,” she says.

Heidi now heads a global Ministry that was founded over 11 thousand churches.

“He removed from me “no.” Did the burning eyes of Jesus. I visited 109 countries, preaching the glorious gospel,” says Heidi Baker.

“Revival in Toronto” it was very rough. People were shaking with laughter. At the same time, hundreds fell on the floor.

“We got used to the fact that the people who took the Holy spirit would fall on the floor, on person at a time. But I’ve never seen to drop an entire room. Bang! And all on the floor,” says pastor John Arnot (“the Revival in Toronto”).

When some religious leaders heard about these events, stated that these signs and wonders were from the flesh or from the devil. Remembering these days, Arnot and Clark recognize that signs and wonders were outstanding.

“Global awakening. Have you ever seen this? And he answered: “No. And you?” I am not, — says Randy Clark. I don’t know what it means. Let’s just not disturb. Let’s wait and see whether it will give good fruits.”

Clark wasn’t worried because the school showed him what amazing events are typical for such things.

“In Seminary I learned about the phenomena and manifestations, which almost always happened in times of revival,” says Clark.

“I’m sure it’s You, Lord. But what’s happening here? It looks like chaos, — the pastor says Arnot. People always glorify Jesus, and the fruit of the meetings was always good.”

John was hurt by what other spiritual leaders have called it unclean.

“I was surprised that not everyone liked it. It’s not like Christians, he says. You know, it put the fear of deception in the hearts of the people.”

Even doubters questioned the miracles Heidi Baker is confident that personal experience has led her closer to God.

“I ran forward, raised his hands and began to shout “Yes!” And then the fire of God fell on me. No one called to come forward. Randy Clark, whom I never met before, asked me: “God wants to know if you love the people of Mozambique?”, says Heidi Baker. Seven days and seven nights God did it so that I didn’t have the strength. I was of the. The husband wore me out. People had to carry me Even to the bathroom. It was the most humbling and powerful time in my life. This event changed my life. I was never the same”.
Baker realized that she needed to love Jesus and not to rely only on Him but also on His people.

Seeing such wonders, Arnot advises people not to judge what God can or cannot do.

“I’m sorry not everyone liked it, not everyone wanted to. I pity those who opposed it. They missed the greatest event in Church history over the last several hundred years. If you want to skip — skip. I don’t want to miss it,” says pastor John Arnot.

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