Riddles about animals

In Paradise, he tempted eve

And the forbidden fruit offered

He was the most subtle of all the beasts.

Did you guess that? This …

Was the prophet so — and- ion.

You story is familiar?

It is three nights and three days

Held in the womb …

The prophet himself carried,

Was obedient and good.

But suddenly she spoke,

The prophet’s rebuke could.

All the animals God created:

Wolf, tiger, lion,

Hippo, crocodile,

The giraffe and the elephant

Rhino, leopard,

Kangaroo and llama

And now think

And tell us himself.

On the day of some of these animals

Our God created?

And what day our Creator

From all rested?

In the Bible birds were fed the prophet.

The news brought about the demise of the flood.

How is the bird one

Denounced the betrayal of Peter?

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