Russia and the USA: causes of confrontation

Relations between Russia and the United States seriously deteriorated. It is a fait accompli. Someone’s talking about the beginning of a new phase of the cold war. And although the repetition of the scenario of the second half of the last century, of course, is not possible, all care, what are the prospects of development of relations between the two countries. The answer to this question can be found in the Bible.

What is the basis of

In modern society it is accepted to believe that all political events have economic causes: the struggle for money and power, which, in turn, allows you to get more money. It seems that the formula for success is very simple: who is richer, stronger. However, this view is very superficial.

The Bible says that the history of the planet evolving global scenario. Indeed, it would be strange to assume that God, who is the proprietor and Legislator of the Universe, coolly observes His creatures on earth compete and even kill each other for the sake of “filthy lucre”. Whether it was necessary to create humans as spiritual beings who have intelligence, conscience, desire for beauty, for the sake of the Mercantile purposes? Of course not. Everything that happens on planet Earth, is the universal stages of the struggle, not in the material but in the spiritual realm.

Invisible struggle

God created people for eternal life, has the purpose to form the people on the ground, which would be its spiritual qualities were able to live forever. The problem is that today humanity is living in accordance with such moral principles that lead him to self-destruction. From the first years of life we learn to lie, to steal, to kill, to harm themselves and others by intemperance and dubious pleasures, to destroy nature for their own benefit, etc. Obviously, to give eternal life and make heirs of the planet God can only be such people who learn to live in accordance with the Ten Commandments, take them so that they will be immutable principles of their own life in any situation.

Who prevents God to give people such beautiful spiritual qualities, is He? This enemy is, and name him the devil. A powerful personality able to influence the human mind, enticing and tempting, it brings to the earth of war, hunger, disease and suffering.

Two armies — two churches

God’s army in this war is His Church. People of different nationalities living in different countries, but believers in Christ from the heart and seeking to keep God’s Commandments.

But the devil has his own “Church” — religious system on which he relies in his fight against the Creator. It’s not a huge army of atheists who defy God. It is not the Gentiles who replaced the Creator of multiple objects of worship which they do themselves. To use these group of people fighting with the Creator is very simple. But the enemy of God desired to use against Christ Church, which bears the name Christian. And he succeeded. In the book of Revelation (Chapter 18) the Bible compares the Church with the prodigal woman named Babylon. She States that the worship of God, but do not keep His commandments. She cares more about piety, and about his beat. “The maddening wine of her fornication she made all Nations drink, and the kings of the earth nobodysfool with her, and the merchants of the earth grew rich from her great luxury” (Revelation 18:2, 3).

Today, the influence of one of the Christian churches in the world is difficult to overestimate. It is a Roman Catholic Church. Its population is about 60% of all living Christians on earth — 1.4 billion people (for comparison: in the world there are about 800 million Protestants, about 160 million Orthodox, and about 40 million Christians of other denominations). This is the Church that is trusted by a huge number of people, and, along with that Church, which officially renounced the immutability of the Ten Commandments (in particular, it changed the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday, and introduced instead the worship of the invisible Creator, the practice of worshipping images). The Church that calls itself Christian, preaches about the goodness and love, but finds its authority above the authority of the Bible and influence all other religious enterprises of the planet. The best base for the promotion of ideas contrary to the Word of God, it is difficult to imagine.

When religion is mixed with politics

The creation of a worldwide Church that rejects God’s commandments, is the first stage of the godless war of the devil. The second phase of his plan — the creation of a political force that United with a religious system, would wield unlimited power over the minds of people around the world.

By studying biblical prophecies, we can accurately determine what the role of this political force, which will support the authority of the Pope and promote ideas that are contrary to the commandments of God, prepared for the United States of America. It was foretold in the book of Revelation for 17 centuries before the United States appeared on the political arena of the world. The symbol of that state the Bible is the beast of the 13th Chapter of Revelation, who “had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon” (Revelation 13:11). Speaking about the role of America in this great struggle, we do not mean the American people. Every person, whichever country he may live, he determines their conduct and relations among States should not affect the good relations to the common people of all countries and peoples. But American power today under the guise of “democracy” and “tolerance” (the innocent “horns like a lamb”) has actively spread ideas across the world of the “dragon” (the devil): individualism, commercialism, and are detrimental to society concept, as, for example, homosexuality and euthanasia.

The Bible says that the desire for world domination will be the hallmark of this state to the end of earth’s history, and its connection with the papacy will increase.

What is our path?

Today Russia for the United States — a state that refuses to act according to American scenario. Of course, such “rebelliousness” didn’t like America and causes aggression. Who will win in this confrontation? Economists say: one who has the stronger economy and more money. Politicians will say: the one who has a stronger spirit and a greater will to win. But the Bible and history proves that the winner is the one with whom God. “God is with us!” is not the slogan on t-shirts or banners. It is a conscious humility before God and living according to His commandments. Russia was strong in those periods of its history, when applied to the Bible and when life according to God’s institutions was the practice of the majority. Is it real? Really, if everyone today I’ll start with myself. Take up the Bible (the good, this Holy book is now available to everyone), will study it myself and teach the children. If families are to be prayed for, for Russia, for the principalities and powers. If God is not just a guest, and the owner of each of our house, it is not just a guarantee of prosperity, but also the protection of our country.

God bless us in this God!

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