Russia has released a film about the history of one of the largest churches in the world – Your Bible

In the Russian rolling out a film about the formation of one of the largest Evangelical churches in the world.

The events of the biographical drama “Nothing to lose” takes place in Brazil. In the center of the story is the Brazilian preacher Edir Macero, who founded the Church “Kingdom of God”, reports the Christian megaportal with reference to the news Spectrum.

In 1977 a street preacher Macero decides to organize the Evangelical Church, where you can find peace to lost souls. Over time, the community of new Church grew and the Kingdom of God established branches in other countries, including in Russia. Along with this steadily growing authority of the Bishop of Maseru, which has become one of the most influential preachers of the South.

“This film shows Brazil 80-s and 90-ies. In we see the arbitrariness of the authorities, which was at that time, and the conditions in which the Church has existed, how it developed and grew through faith, — said the pastor of the Church “Kingdom of God”Manuel Morales-Espinosa. For me personally, this movie is motivational and I recommend it to see every Christian”.


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