Russia opened the 58th sanctuary for moms


In the town of Livny, Oryol oblast, the Russian Orthodox Church opened a new, 58-second account of an Orthodox shelter for moms, reports Diakoniai. In the crisis center can simultaneously accommodate 10 pregnant women and mothers with children. During their stay at the shelter, social workers, psychologists and lawyers will help women to solve their difficult life situation. The consecration was conducted by Bishop and Livenskogo semënovka FR. At the opening of the shelter was attended by the mayor of the city of Livny Sergei Trubitsin, Deputy head of the “Home for mom” Orthodox service “Mercy” Elena Sidorchuk, as well as representatives of the city administration, volunteers and sisters of mercy.

“We have had to live with one mom with a baby, but they both went to the hospital in Orel. As soon as they are discharged, they are things that will come to live with us, — said the head of the crisis and humanitarian centres Livenskaya diocese Galina Rovensky. — Tomorrow we’ll go back for another mother, her second child was born, it was nowhere to register, and at first absolutely no documents. While they live with us, our social workers will help them to execute documents and to resolve other issues.”

The shelter is a subdivision of the St. Sergius Church in the city of Livny is one of the projects Livenskaya diocese. The property Department of the city was allocated a room on the rights of the lease, and at the expense of the presidential grant, the project organizers made repair, bought equipment and furniture. In addition, next to the shelter is a center of humanitarian aid “Ark” opened in 2016 on the funds of the grant competition of the Synodal Department for charity. The humanitarian centre provides mothers with babies everything you need: strollers, Cribs, clothing, shoes.

In the crisis center can simultaneously accommodate 10 pregnant women and mothers with children

In the Orthodox shelter for mothers women in difficult situation can get not only shelter and food. During their stay at the shelter, social workers, and lawyers will try to settle problems with documents, with the assistance of city center of employment of women will help to find a job. Women will work psychologists.

The shelter has a large kitchen, Laundry, lounge, sports area, dressing room, three bedrooms, can accommodate 10 women and their children. Bunk beds and cots for babies. Also in the shelter to organize a sewing workshop.

Today in the Russian Orthodox Church acts the 58 shelters for women with children, they are located all over the country from Kaliningrad to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. 57 of them were created over the past 7 years. Also in Russia there are 169 Church humanitarian aid. Previous, 57th sanctuary for moms, has opened in Bashkiria in the village of tolbazy 19 Aug.

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