“Russia today” and “Charity” completed a joint project “Homeless. Exit”


December 25, zavershilsya unique joint service project, “the Hangar of salvation” and MIA “Russia today” “Homeless. Exit”, which was both documentary podcast series, social and journalistic experiment, said Diakoniai. The final episode of the podcast was released. Thousands of students watched as four of the homeless under the direction of experts making steps to return to normal life.

“I think the main incentive to change for the homeless has become a clear deadline – they knew that in the course of each week to perform certain tasks. Also the role played by the publicity – it’s one thing to lament the futility of all his efforts to a social worker, and quite another – to a wide audience”, – said the head of “the Hangar of salvation” the Roman Korosov.

During the project in the lives of homeless there have been important changes, although they may seem insignificant. Characters will be interviewed and tried to get a job, struggled with addictions, looking for solutions to complex situations with debts, tried to get in touch with their families. The final episode of the series can be streamed here.

The Series “The Homeless. Exit”, prepared jointly with the project “the Hangar of salvation” the Orthodox service “Mercy”, was launched on 12 November 2018. His heroes were four people, for a variety of reasons for homelessness: Alexey, Pavel, Ruslan and Alex. Seven weeks journalists in real time, chronicled their life, telling how these people solve their problems, perform their tasks. Until the last episode is the result of their efforts it was impossible to predict.

“The project was an important experience for our media group, we worked in a new genre – it was a direct reportage, and documentary series. Western experience shows that this type of podcasts become successful later books, form the basis of scenarios of feature films. We didn’t know how events will unfold, how will the heroes themselves if they have enough perseverance and will to not break, do not fade, and pass the whole experiment to end. We regard this experience as positive and plan to make several more series in 2019,” – said the head of the center of innovation journalism MIA “Russia today” Elena Pazar.

Service for homeless and “the Hangar of salvation” – projects to help homeless service “Mercy”. In the “Hangar” homeless can obtain urgent help: keep warm in a heated tent, eat, take a shower, get clean clothes and first aid. Social workers help to restore the documents, to get in the shelters, contact the family, buy tickets home. There are also mini-programs to return homeless to the society – “Labor camp”, “Hostel” and “Farm”. Orthodox service of assistance “Mercy” brings together 27 social projects and annually provides assistance to tens of thousands of needy, seriously ill children and adults, orphans, lonely elderly people and the disabled, the homeless and HIV-positive.

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