Russian world. Where to find the path to true unity?

Cyril and Methodius

Russian world is an idea that is discussed among Russian and foreign community, the idea of the cultural and spiritual unity of people living in different countries, but United by the involvement of the Russian language and culture. It is not about Imperial ambitions of the state, but about the social community of people, United by one idea. Is this possible, and on what basis should this unity?

Russian world began with the fact that Christian missionaries — Cyril and Methodius — Slavic gave us the Bible — a Bible translation that is understandable for the Slavic peoples language. And that Christian values of goodness and justice should be the basis of our Russian world. This is the real Holy Russia, of which we dream. Kingdom, where there is injustice, corruption, hunger, disease and depravity. But to be in peace, health, strong families, prosperity in homes and the joy on their faces. But what really everyone can make it to Kingdom come?

Because different people have different ideas about justice, God gave us the Bible as a measure of goodness and justice. This measure — in the Ten Commandments. On the pages of the Bible, the Lord shows how this Law works and how good a man when he lives according to these commandments; as blooms the country as dominated by the people who observe the Law of God. God also shows how fast the degradation occurs in a society where the Law of God is neglected.

If we want to keep our Russian world, a world striving for justice and goodness, then we need not just by regularly to read Scripture, but also to share them with those around us. It is in the Bible finds its inspiration from many great people of Russia: rulers and generals, writers and composers. Reading and the dissemination of the Bible make a difference in the consciousness and worldview of a person of any nationality anywhere in the world. Therefore, the dissemination of the Bible, and its regular reading, is a guarantee of the preservation and dissemination of the Russian world.

God promised to set on our planet a world of good and justice, if His Holy gospel will be preached in all languages to all peoples. The Bible says that the Kingdom of God should be born, first of all, in our heart and mind — a Kingdom of goodness and justice.

Three simple rules

Let us make every effort not to search for spots in other people’s lives, and to fulfill three simple rules:

  • The daily contemplative Bible reading with prayer.
  • Build your life in accordance with God’s Law.
  • Regularly buy the Bible in human-readable translation and give it to read to all our friends, relatives, in our country and throughout the world there is not one person who does not have their own Bible.
  • Christianity according to the Bible is a very practical doctrine, began to live on which people fast enough will see the real change for the better in life.

    Christianity should not be confused with pseudo-Christian teachings, what would the mask of Holiness they themselves wore. A Christian who regularly reads the Bible and living according to the commandments of God, is not afraid of different cults, manipulative. A Christian who knows the Bible can always help a person to see his error and to rebuild their lives in accordance with God’s Word.

    State, where all citizens regularly read the Bible, not afraid of revolution, because the Bible clearly says that all authorities are from God. A revolutionary and rebel number 1 is Satan.

    So, if you actually consider themselves to be Orthodox or, in Russian translation, an Orthodox Christian, daily prayer, read the Bible yourself and giving her at every opportunity to every man, urging him to do the same. And soon the world around you will become but it could be the basis of a genuine unity — a world of good, justice and prosperity!

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