Saint Nicholas: truth and fiction – quiz

December 19 – the day of memory of St. Nicholas, perhaps the most beloved and revered in the world of the Holy. Talking about it icons and churches, it remembers the — the most unchurch the driver, sticking the icon into the cabin, his image is behind the Jolly Santa Claus…What do we know about this Holy? What is true and what apocryphal, error, tale?

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1. The hometown of St. Nicholas:


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2. Parents Nicholas called:

Isidore and agathia
Theophanes and Nonna
Patricia and Monica

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3. A known fact about the slap heretic Aria is mentioned in the following sources:

acts of the first OEcumenical Council
the life, compiled by St. Simeon Metaphrastes (X century)
Lives Of The Saints
nowhere is folklore

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4. What gifts wore Saint Nicholas in bags?

Toys to children
Spruce branches, hence the tradition of decorating trees for Christmas
The pouch is from the image of Santa Claus, not Saint’s life

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5. Wooden image of “Nikola Mozhayskiy”:

made Mozhaysk Nicholas carpenter in memory of his heavenly patron
pre-Christian non-attributed image, which attributed the name of St. Nicholas
portrait of Bishop Nicholas of Mozhaisk, which indicates his resemblance to his heavenly patron
the image of St. Nicholas protecting the city

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6. What are holidays – Nikola Winter Nikola Spring (or Summer)?

Nicola Winter – the blessed repose of St. Nicholas, Nicola Vernal – the transfer of his relics to Bari
Nicola Winter – Christmas of St. Nicholas, Nicola Vernal – his blessed death
Nicola Winter – remembrance of the miracle of justification of the innocent prisoners, Nicola Vernal – the transfer of his relics to Bari
Unknown exact date of the death of blessed Saint Nicholas, so I chose two random dates his memories

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7. When myrrh is extracted from the tomb of Saint Nicholas?

December 19, we now note
December 25, Christmas
May 22, on “Nikola Vernal”, and celebrated this holiday
May 9, the same day new style

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8. Simple question: on the territory of which modern countries are a city of Lycia?


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9. Select the image of St. Nicholas:






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10. And yet Santa Claus! Where lives Santa Claus?

There, where St. Nicholas – the Mediterranean
In Antarctica, it is cold only
In the direction of the North pole
In Russia, of course – its the same with Santa Claus equated

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