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25 Dec – the memory of St. Spyridon. Read more about the life, the icons and the prayers of the revered Saint, You can learn from our article!

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  • The life of St. Spyridon
    • From the book the nuns Waters (IAC-lease) “Eclogite”
  • Modern miracles of St. Spyridon
    • Bombardment Of Corfu
    • The miracles of St. Spyridon
    • Miracles through the prayers of St. Spyridon
    • Modern miracles of St. Spyridon
    • Troparion of St. Nicholas. Spyridon, Bishop. Trimifuntsky
    • Kontakion of St. Nicholas. Spyridon, Bishop. Trimifuntsky

The life of St. Spyridon

Sainted Spyridon of Trimyphunteia (Salaminsky), Wonderworker, was born in the end of III century on island Cyprus.

From childhood St. Spyridon’s sheep, pure and Godly lives imitated the old Testament righteous: David — meekness, James — in the heart kindness, to Abraham — in the love of strangers. In adulthood, St. Spyridon was the father of the family. Extraordinary kindness and sincere sympathy attracted many homeless were found in his house a shelter, the Wanderers food and rest. For unceasing remembrance of God and good works God has endowed the future Saint blessed gifts: insight, healing the incurably sick and cast out devils.

After his wife’s death, in the reign of Constantine the Great (324-337) and his son Constantius (337-361), St. Spyridon was elected Bishop of the city of Trimifunt. In that of Bishop, the Saint did not change his manner of life, combining pastoral service with deeds of charity. According to the testimony of Church historians, Saint Spyridon in the year 325 he participated in the acts of the first OEcumenical Council. At the Cathedral, the Saint entered into a dispute with a Greek philosopher, who was defending the Arian heresy (priest Arius of Alexandria denied the Deity and pre-eternal birth from God the Father, of the son of God, and taught that Christ is only the highest creation). The plain direct speaking of Saint Spyridon showed everyone the impotence of human wisdom afront divine Wisdom. In the result of the discussion, the opponent of Christianity became the Saint’s zealous defender and later received Holy Baptism.

At the same Council, Saint Spyridon showed against Arian visual proof of Unity in the Holy Trinity. He picked up a brick and he grasped it instantly went out of him up the fire, the water flowed down, and the clay remained in the hands of the Wonderworker. “Behold the three elements, and the plinths (bricks) one — then said Saint Spyridon, and in the Holy Trinity — Three Persons and the Deity are one.”

In the face of the Saint Spyridon, the congregation purchased an all-loving father. During prolonged drought and famine in Cyprus, the prayer of the Saint, the rains came, and disaster stopped. Kindness of the Holy combined with a just severity towards the people unworthy. Through his prayer he was punished mercilessly corn Chandler, and the poor villagers free from hunger and poverty.

Envious people slandered one of the friends of the Saint, and he was imprisoned and sentenced to death. Saint rushed to help, the way was blocked by a large stream. Remembering how moved swelling Jordan Joshua (Josh. 3, 14-17), the Saint with a firm belief in the omnipotence of God prayed, and the thread parted. Together with the satellites, the involuntary witnesses of the miracle, Saint Spyridon passed over on dry ground to the other side. Alerted about the incident, the judge met the Saint with honor and let go of the innocent.

Many miracles the Saint Spyridon. One day during worship in the lamp were burning oil, and she began to fade. The Saint was upset, but the Lord comforted him: wonderful lamp was filled with oil. The case when Saint Spyridon went into an empty Church, he ordered them to light lamps and candles and began the service. Proclaiming “Peace to all”, he and the deacon heard in response to the top sounded great multitude of voices, proclaiming: “And duhovi you”. This choir was large and more sweetly melodious than any human choir. For each litany, the invisible choir sang “Lord, have mercy.” Brought coming from Church singing, rushed to her nearby people. As they approached the Church, the wondrous singing more and more filled their ears and gladdened their hearts. But when they entered the Church, saw no one besides the Bishop and a few Church Ministers, and have not heard a more heavenly singing, from which came a great surprise.

The Saint healed the ailing Emperor Constantius, was talking to his deceased daughter Irina, already prepared for burial. And one day came to him a woman with a dead child in her arms, imploring the intercession of the Saint. After praying, the Saint returned the baby to life. The mother, overcome with joy, fell lifeless. But the prayer of the Saint of God was restored to life of the mother.

Also known the story of Socrates Scholasticism about how the thieves decided to steal the sheep of Saint Spyridon: in the dead of night they climbed into the sheepfold, but then an invisible force was linked. When the morning came, the Saint came to the herd and saw related the robbers, having prayed, went to them and begged to leave the wicked way and to get a livelihood by honest work. Then, giving them a sheep and releasing them, said gently, “Let not vain you were awake”.

Knowing the secret sins of the people, the Saint exhorted them to repentance and correction. Those who did not heed the voice of conscience and the words of the Saint, comprehended the punishment of God.

As Bishop, St. Spyridon was the flock example of a virtuous life and hard work: herding sheep, cleaned bread. He is extremely concerned about the strict observance of ecclesiastical rank and maintaining integrity in all of Scripture. The Saint strictly denounced priests who in their sermons inaccurately used the words of the gospel and other Inspired books.

All the life of St. impresses with amazing simplicity and power of miracles given to him from the Lord. In the words of the Sainted dead were awakened, ochromelas elements, the idols. When in Alexandria the Patriarch was convened by the Council for the destruction of idols and temples, through the prayers of the fathers of the Council all the idols fell except one, the most revered. The Patriarch in a vision it was revealed that this idol remained to be crushed by Saint Spyridon Trimifuntsky. Caused by the Council, the Saint boarded a ship, and in that moment, when the ship reached the shore and the Saint stepped out on land, the idol in Alexandria with all the altars fell to the dust, than proclaimed to the Patriarch and all the bishops of the approach of Saint Spyridon.

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Saint Spyridon

25 Dec — the memory of St. Spyridon of trimythous

The Lord revealed to the Saint the approach of his death. The last words of the Saint were about love for God and neighbor. 348 during the prayers of Saint Spyridon reposed in the Lord. Buried him in the Church of the Holy apostles in the city of Trimifunt. In the middle of VII century the relics of the Saint were transferred to Constantinople, and in 1453 on the island of Corfu in the Ionian sea (lat. the name of the island of Corfu). Here, in the eponymous town of Corfu (the main town) and preserved the Holy relics of Saint Spyridon in the Church of his name (from its right hand rests of the Saint in Rome). 5 times a year on the island takes place a solemn celebration of the memory of St. Spyridon.

St Spyridon is revered since ancient times in Russia. “Solstice”, or “rotation of the sun in summer” (25 December new style), coinciding with the memory of the Saint, was called in Russia “Spiridonov turn”. Special reverence had Saint Spyridon in ancient Novgorod and Moscow. In 1633, in Moscow, was erected a temple in the name of the Saint.

In the Moscow Church of the Resurrection (1629) are two revered icons of St. Spyridon with a particle of his Holy relics.

About the life of Saint Spyridon preserved evidence of Church historians of the IV-V centuries of Socrates Scholasticism, Sozomen and Rufina processed in the X century by the great Byzantine hagiographer Simeon blessed Metaphrastes. It is also known the Life of St. Spyridon, iambic verses written by his disciple St. Triphyllios, Bishop of Leukyssa Cyprus († CA. 370; memory 13/26 June).

From the book the nuns Waters (IAC-lease) “Eclogite”

…Being Episcopal, St Spyridon was invited to participate in the First Ecumenical Council in Nicaea, convened in 325 by Emperor Constantine the Great, whose goal was the definition of the basic truths of the Orthodox faith. The main topic of the Council was the teaching of the heretic Arius, who claimed that Christ was not God from eternity, but was created by God the Father. The Council was attended by 318 bishops, priests and monks, including such lights of the Church, as the saints Nicholas of Myra, Athanasius the Great, Paphnutius Thebes and Alexander, Patriarch of Alexandria, who convinced the Emperor of the need to convene this Council.

The fathers of the Council was faced with such a convincing “presentation of the” heretical doctrines of the famous philosopher Eulogius, is that, even when convinced of the falsity of this doctrine, was not able to resist the well-honed rhetoric of a heretic. During one of the most intense and heated debates, St. Nicholas got so angry listening to these blasphemous words, caused much embarrassment and confusion, which gave Aria a resounding slap. The meeting of the bishops were indignant that St. Nicholas punched his brother-a clergyman, put the question on the prohibition in the service. However, that night several members of the Cathedral appeared in a dream the Lord and the virgin Mary. The Lord was holding in his hands the gospel, and the blessed virgin — Bishop’s omophorion. Taking it as a sign that the boldness of St. Nicholas pleasing to God, they restored him to his Ministry.

Finally, when the skillful speech of the heretics poured unstoppable, all-destroying flow, and it seemed that Arius and his followers will win, with your rose, as they say in the lives of the uneducated, the Bishop of Trimyphunteia asking you to listen to it. Being sure that he won’t be able to resist the Eulogy with his excellent classical education, and matchless oratory, and the rest, the bishops begged him to be silent. However, Saint Spyridon stepped forward and stood before the congregation with the words: “In the name of Jesus Christ, give me a chance to briefly speak”. Eulogy has agreed, and the Bishop Spiridon began to speak, holding in the palm of a piece of plain clay tiles:

One God in heaven and on earth, who created heaven, man and everything visible and invisible. By His Word and His Spirit arose to the Heavens, the Earth, United water, the winds blew out, originated animals, and man was created, His great and marvelous creation. From It came a Single from nonexistence to existence all all-stars, stars, day, night and every thing. We know that this Word is the true Son of God, Consubstantial, born of a virgin, crucified, buried, and risen as God and Man; he raised us, He gives us eternal incorruptible life. We believe that He is the judge of the world, who will come to judge all the Nations and to whom we will give account of all their deeds, words and feelings. We recognize Him as Consubstantial with the Father, equal honour and equal glory, His sitting at the right hand on the heavenly throne. The Holy Trinity, though three Persons and Three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, is the oneness of God Is One ineffable and inconceivable Essence. The human mind can’t grasp this and has no ability to comprehend that because Divine is infinite. As it is impossible to conclude the whole expanse of the oceans in a small bowl and finite human mind cannot contain the infinity of the Godhead. So, that you might believe in this truth, look closely at this small object. Although we can’t compare Sverhsuschestvenna Nature of the Uncreated with the created and perishable, yet because of what little faith trust more the eyes than the ears, — you, if you do not see with corporal eyes do not believe — I want to prove to you this truth, show her your eyes, by this ordinary piece of tile, also made up of three elements, but uniform in its substance and nature.

Having said this, the Saint Spyridon made the right hand sign of the cross and said, holding a piece of tile in his left hand: “In the name of Father!” At this moment, to the astonishment of all present, from a piece of clay broke from the flame in which it burned. The Saint continued: “And Son!”, and in the eyes of members of the Council from a piece of clay up the water with which it was mixed. “And The Holy Spirit!”, and, opening the palm, the Saint showed the remaining dry land, out of which was fashioned tile.

The congregation were awed and amazed, and the Eulogy, shaken to the core, at first he could not speak. Finally he said, “Holy man, I accept your words and admit my mistake.” Saint Spyridon went with Eulogy in the temple, where he was pronounced formula of renunciation of heresy. Then he confessed the truth to his fellow Arians.

The victory of Orthodoxy was so undeniable that only six of those present Arian, including Arius himself, left to his own erroneous views, all the rest returned to the confession of Orthodoxy…

Modern miracles of St. Spyridon
Bombardment Of Corfu

During World war II, when the Italians on the orders of Mussolini attacked Greece, one of their first victims was the neighbouring island of Corfu. The bombardment began on 1 November 1940 and lasted for months. From Corfu had no means of defense, so the Italian bombers could fly at a particularly low altitude. However, during the bombing of strange things happened: the pilots, and those who were on the ground, noticed that many bombs inexplicably falling not straight down but at an angle, and into the sea. During the bombing, people flocked to the only refuge where no doubt to find protection and salvation — the Church of Saint Spyridon. All the buildings around the Church were heavily damaged or destroyed, and she survived to the end of the war without a single injury, not even any window glass is not cracked…

The miracles of St. Spyridon

Saint Spyridon for his virtuous life of simple farmers was appointed Bishop. He led a very simple life, he worked on the fields, helped the poor and miserable, healed the sick, raised the dead. In the year 325 Saint Spyridon took part in the Council of Nicaea, where he was condemned the heresy of Arius who rejected the Divine origin of Jesus Christ and thus the Holy Trinity. But the Saint miraculously showed against Arian visual proof of Unity in the Holy Trinity. He picked up a brick and he grasped it instantly went out of him fire up, water down, and the clay remained in the hands of the Wonderworker. Simple words of the starets / elder for many was more convincing than fine speeches of scholars. One of the philosophers who adhere to the Arian heresy, after a conversation with Saint Spyridon said, “When is evidence of the mind from the lips of this elder started to come some kind of special power, the evidence is powerless against her… his mouth said God Himself”.

Saint Spyridon had great boldness before God. Through his prayer, the people got rid of drought, healed the sick, expelled demons, the idols, the dead’s been raised. One day he came to a woman with a dead child in her arms, imploring the intercession of the Saint. Having prayed, he returned the baby to life. The mother, overcome with joy, fell lifeless. Again, the Saint raised his hands to heaven, calling upon God. Deceased then said: “Rise up and stand on your feet!” She stood up, just waking from sleep, and took her living son in his arms.

Known from the life of St. such a case. Once he went into an empty Church, commanded to light the lamps and candles, and began the Service. Nearby people were surprised by the angelic singing coming from the temple. Attracted by the wonderful sounds, they headed to the Church. But when they entered it, saw no one besides the Bishop and a few clergy. Another time during worship at the Saint’s prayer to fade the lamps themselves become filled with oil.

The Saint had a special love for the poor. Even before becoming a Bishop, he all of their income was spent on the needs of neighbors and strangers. In that of Bishop Spyridon has not changed his manner of life, combining pastoral service with deeds of charity. One day he came to a poor farmer asking for a loan of money. The Saint promised to grant his request, released the tiller, and in the morning he brought him a pile of gold. After the farmer gratefully returned to their duty, Saint Spyridon, heading to his garden, said, “Come, brother, and together give to those Who so generously lent it to us”. The Saint began to pray and asked God to gold, previously transformed from the animal, took again its original appearance. A piece of gold suddenly began to move and turned into a snake, which was squirming and crawling. Through the prayer of the Saint the Lord sent down on the city downpour, which had washed away the barns of the rich and merciless dealer who sold bread during a drought at very high prices. It has saved many poor people from hunger and poverty.

One day, going to the aid of the innocent convicted person, the Saint was hindered by the unanticipated flooding of a stream. According to the commandment of the Holy water parted, and Saint Spyridon with his companions freely continued on his way. Hearing about this miracle, the unjust judge immediately freed the innocent prisoners. Having acquired themselves in meekness, mercy, purity of heart, the Saint as a wise shepherd sometimes denounced with love and crocosmia, sometimes by his own example brought to repentance. One day he went to Antioch to the Emperor Constantine, to prayer, to help the suffering from illness of the king. One of the guards of the Royal Palace, seeing the Holy in simple clothes and taking him for a beggar, struck him on the cheek. But the wise shepherd, wanting to reason with the offender, according to the commandment of the Lord turned the other cheek; the servant realized that before him stands a Bishop, and, conscious of his sin, and humbly asked for his forgiveness.

The famous story of Socrates Scholasticism about how the thieves decided to steal the sheep of Saint Spyridon. He made his way to the sheepfold, the robbers remained there until morning, unable to get out. The Saint forgave the robbers and persuaded them to leave the wicked path, then gave them a sheep and letting go, said, “May you awake in vain”. In this way he illuminated and one merchant, who wished to purchase from him one hundred goats. Because the Holy one had no custom to check given the money, the merchant kept the fee for one goat. Separated one hundred goats, he threw them over the fence, but one of them escaped again and ran to the corral. Tried several times the merchant to return the stubborn goat in his herd, but the animal did not obey. Saw it the admonition of God, the merchant hastened to repent of St. Spyridon and he returned the lost money.

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Having a loving heart, the Saint at the same time was strict when seen impenitence and perseverance in sin. So he predicted the demise of the heavy woman, not repented of the grave sins of adultery and punished one day temporary illness of deacon, inspired by the beauty of his voice. Died Saint Spyridon, 348 and was buried in the Church of the Holy apostles in the city of Trimifunt. His incorrupt relics in the seventh century was transferred to Constantinople, and in 1460, on the Greek island of Kerkyra (Corfu), where they rest even now, in a Church built in honor of his name. In Russia St. Spyridon pray about finding housing and the impact of debt, the Greeks revere him as the patron Saint of travelers.

Miracles through the prayers of St. Spyridon

In November 1861 into a Greek family natives of Corfu, eight-year-old boy fell ill of typhoid fever. Despite all efforts of doctors, his condition worsened. The child’s mother all the days of prayed to Saint Spyridon for help. On the seventeenth day the boy became very ill. The poor mother told urgently to send a telegram to relatives on the island to go to the Church of St. Spyridon and asked him to open the reliquary with the relics of the Saint.

Relatives fulfilled her errand, and in the same hour (as it turned out, relatives of the child), when the priests opened the cancer, the boy’s body was shaken by convulsions, which the doctors took for the death throes. But to the surprise of those present, the child opened his eyes, his pulse gradually recovered, and from that moment his health was on the mend. All attending physicians recognized that it was a miracle of God.


In December 1948, on the eve of the festival, the Corfu came from Epirus woman with eleven-year-old son George. The child was mute from birth. Earlier they have visited many churches where pleaded with the Lord about healing.

A few days before the feast of St. Spyridon the boy’s mother had a dream that the Saint cured her son, and then she decided to take him to the island. Three days mother and son were praying in the Church of St. Spyridon, and when at the end of the celebration over the child carried the relics of the Saint – George at the same moment to speak.


The girl, suffering from a nervous crisis, which later became a psychopath, in a moment of enlightenment asked me to drive her to the Church of St. Spyridon. Entering the Church, she came to venerate the icon and relics of the Saint and felt the weight of her head left. She stayed in the temple the next day and returned home completely healthy.

Modern miracles of St. Spyridon

I want to tell you about a wonderful event to witness, and you could even say that I was. In 2000, the pilgrimage service “Radonezh” I went to the Holy places of Greece. On Kerkyra in the Church of St. Spyridon, we have asked the blessing of the priest to fetch butter from the lamps at the Shrine with the relics of the Saint. The group believed that it is better than store bought. We recruited the butter with a syringe and poured into the stockpiled bottles.

The band was great, everyone was pressing, trying to quickly get in, someone inadvertently touched the lamp, and the remains of oil spilled. All very upset about our discomfort, but especially lamented one woman – she was last in line and she didn’t have a drop. I decided that I would piss her a little from your. She was holding an empty bottle, and he suddenly started itself to be filled! It happened in front of the whole group, so that the witnesses of this miracle were very many. We were all literally stunned. In the bus we talked about the case when the Saint Spyridon itself was filled with votives. All things are possible to God and His saints.

Thank the Lord and of Saint Spyridon that has allowed me to witness this miracle!


I, sinful and unworthy of God R. Elena, in 2002, has long tried to exchange one-bedroom apartment. Had a lot of problems, as suggested removed from the metro or expensive. One day my sister called me (she serves in the temple) and asked how I was doing. I replied that nothing. Then she advised me to order the blessing of the water St. Spyridon Trimifuntsky, which I did. In a week we were offered a great option for reasonable money. The move was scheduled for 25 December – the day of memory of the Saint. The prayers of Saint Spyridon, we made it work. I often think about it and very grateful. Thank God for everything!

St Spyridon, pray for us.

In 2007, the relics of Saint Spyridon was brought to the Danilovsky monastery in Moscow. To venerate the relics of the Saint attracted more than 1 300 000 Russians. Here are the stories of some of them, published in the book “St Spyridon” of the publishing house of the Danilov monastery.

The right hand of Saint Spyridon in the Danilov monastery came a pregnant woman. She told me that she and her husband wanted a child, she went to many doctors, but in seven years their marriage remained barren. They prayed to St. Spyridon and other saints, and, contrary to forecasts of doctors, a miracle happened.

The woman came to thank the Saint.


One financial institution bought in the suburbs of invalid resort. On its territory there are the Church and the rectory. Unexpectedly the new owner decided on the place where the priests to build a Parking lot. He did not make concessions and did not want to even discuss this issue. Large family father was faced with the fact: the house will be demolished and car Parking built. The priest prayed to Saint Spyridon, and Saint didn’t leave him.

Arriving at the Danilov monastery before the relics of St. Spyridon, father met a man who was a friend of the new owner of the resort, the man was much surprised at the behavior of his friend and promised to help. After some time he together with the owner of the site came to the priest for a conversation on the resolution of the situation.


I went on Sunday April 22 in the Danilov monastery on the feast of the Holy myrrh-bearers. And when you approach the monastery by chance (although nothing is random in this world) know that the monastery brought the relics of Spyridon (watch TV rarely, and didn’t know about it). What is the grace that I visited this day in the monastery and venerated the relics!

And the next day, Monday 23 April, called our youngest son and I happily tell him that to Moscow brought the relics of St. Spyridon and Sunday I was in the Danilov monastery. Son me so tired, sick voice and said: “Pray, mother, for my salvation.” Turns out they were on water and overturned. Thank God! It came to light, all alive and well.

And I, not knowing this, went to the monastery, something led me there. Indeed, God works in mysterious ways!

On Tuesday 24 April went back to the monastery. Ordered a Thanksgiving to the Lord Jesus Christ in saving his son’s life and a prayer to St. Spyridon Trimifuntsky from parents.

Troparion of St. Nicholas. Spyridon, Bishop. Trimifuntsky

Cathedral First appeared, thou the champion and miracle worker, bogense Spiridon, the Lord’s prayer. Wherefore mertu you in the tomb of Jesus and the serpent in gold made art, and vsegda Petit you the Holy prayers the Angels coloradia you had thou, sacred. Glory to him who Gave thee strength, glory Crowned thee, glory to thee with all the Current healing.

Kontakion of St. Nicholas. Spyridon, Bishop. Trimifuntsky

The love of Christ waswasa, the sacred, the mind betimes with his spirit, active vision, your act has gained ESI, Blagopriatnoe, the altar of the Divine being, asking for all the divine radiance.

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