School of Byzantine singing “Scholion Psaltakis” declares a set on training course of Byzantine singing


In September 2018 will be an important event in the field of traditional singing religious art – the opening of the school of Byzantine singing “Scholion Psaltakis”.

In 2004 with the publishing house “Holy Mountain” in Moscow was founded the school of Byzantine singing. For the organization of educational process and teaching of Byzantine music from Athens were invited Konstantin Fotopoulos. It was the beginning of a systematic study of Byzantine music in Russia. After a few years Constantine went to Athens and founded there, together with Konstantin Bezdikian school “Scholion Psaltakis” (“Σχολείον Ψαλτικής”). Since then and to this day the Moscow school, which began to wear the name “Baltica”, founder of the school of Konstantin Fotopoulos not interrupted.

From September 2018, the Moscow school of Byzantine singing will be called “Scholion Psaltakis” as a school in Athens. A new stage in the development of Byzantine music in Russia. Now a school in Moscow, will further enrich the experience of the Athenian school.
Classes will be held in the center of Moscow, twice a week. The school will teach both Russian and Greek teachers (via the Internet). Teachers from Greece will continue to come to Moscow. The training school will be held at the programs of the Athenian school. You will have the opportunity to obtain a diploma in Byzantine music, recognized by the Greek state.


For those who live far from Moscow, provides distance learning via the Internet.
The school has men’s, women’s and children’s groups. All groups are small. Knowledge of the Greek language and musical education for those wishing to learn do not have.

Upon graduation, students have the opportunity to become carriers of the ancient Church of the Byzantine musical tradition that has remained virtually wherever there is Orthodoxy in Greece (especially on Mount Athos), Constantinople, Jerusalem, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and many other places.

To enroll in a group for training you can by phone: +7 (495) 281 5196 or email [email protected]

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