School prayer rooms Christians gathered from 20 cities of Ukraine

Believers from 20 cities of Ukraine and from the countries of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany, USA and Canada — became participants of the “School prayer rooms”-intensive, according to the “Movement seekers of God”.

For three weeks students will explore topics related to the principles of continuous prayer and worship. Will work training in vocal sound production, the application, administration of houses of prayer and play musical instruments (guitar, keys, drums).

“The Scripture says that one of the signs of the end time will be raising around the world unceasing prayer and worship. We see that the Holy Spirit Himself raises this movement especially in countries of the former Soviet Union. I believe that our country will survive, especially the outpouring of the Holy spirit”, — says Nadezhda Gorlova, head of SHMK.

Specifically to teach at SHMK arrived 20 Ministers of the mission “One Eleven Global” from the United States, Europe.

“After listening, we have divided the students into teams to work together with them to serve and to practice what is taught in the classroom. Two hours every day we have the prayer room. We will grow in understanding who God is, how we can serve Him and praise Him, and, of course, how we can serve others,” said Murray Hibbert, the leader of the mission “One Eleven Global”.

The aim of the school is training leaders of worship, intercessors and administrators to open prayer rooms in different countries.

So that everyone, regardless of place of residence, was able to join the event, the evening service from 18.00 to 20.00 (GMT) broadcast live on the channel БОГ.TV.

The school is supported by the Ukrainian interchurch Council.


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