Selfie in a hazmat suit, bed on the remote control and move in the arms – how to teach caring (PHOTO)

Take a selfie and count the money in the costume of a sick person, to learn to put legs on a wheelchair and experience the bed on the control panel are guests “Workshop care” of the Moscow Centre for palliative care. On August 25, the center staff spent the whole day in the Park Kuzminki, to show ordinary people that hospice is not scared it’s about life in the rest of my life.

  • Nut Federmesser: How not to help
  • Nut Federmesser: the Hospice is the house of life, and nothing else
  • Nut Federmesser: For life, for life

TV presenter and journalist Tatiana Arno tries to commit habitual actions in the costume of a sick person to take a selfie for Instagram.


Visitor workshop care in Park Kuzminki trying to count the money, having donned the costume of an elderly person. After several unsuccessful attempts, said, laughing: “keep the change”.




The costume is popular what else, I wonder, will it be done?



The attendees of the master class to demonstrate the difference of the height of the beds for the seriously ill bedridden patients. Her UPS and downs in using a special remote.


Nurse of the palliative care Center Timur shows how to put your foot on the chair and fix it.


To feet, the person on the wheelchair was located of course, puts a pillow with ball filling for comfort.




Nut Federmesser talks about functional belt for moving patients.



To correctly take a patient to move – almost hugging it. This should be a concern.



Comfortable sheets to move bedridden patients. Nurse Timur demonstrates their benefits.



For all guests of the volunteers of the palliative care Center have prepared free handouts, brochures and books on care for seriously ill loved ones.




Guests talk about their impressions from participation in the master class.






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