Selling coffee to the Chinese businessman, became a successful way of evangelizing

Shop owner Wei Chania in China offers its visitors more than just coffee. Namely, selling the next drink, the man tells the people about Jesus Christ. When opening a cafe, the queue at the institution not long to wait. Asking the owner what kind of success people a simple answer – it’s all God.

In China, coffee is one of the most popular drinks. Therefore, Wei Chania 19 years devoted himself to the coffee business. Learning more about coffee, the man learned how to make their own unique recipes. When the businessman has repented, he made one important decision now visitors to his shop will get much more than just coffee.

“The same day, before bed, I gave my life to Jesus. I asked Him to help me become a successful Barista. One I was not under force,” says Wei Chania.

The popularity of the coffee shop suddenly started to grow. Wei Chania started on the bike to deliver coffee to clients.

“God as if suddenly opened the tap. In my coffee shop began to walk people. I was stunned by such blessings and provision. Since then, God has taught me a lot,” he says.

During meetings with their clients, the man began to tell the visitors about Jesus and about the history of the success of his coffee shop. Every Friday, the businessman conducts classes in Bible study. Because of this people began to open the heart to God. So well known coffee shop in Beijing became a center of evangelism.

According to the materials MAN.


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