Sergei Bodrov Jr.: was that the truth should fight

16 years ago, September 20, 2002 in Karmadon gorge in North Ossetia during the filming of the movie “the Messenger” died actor and Director Sergei Bodrov. In memory of him “Pravmir” publishes fragments of interview of different years.

Photo : from family archive, provided by Svetlana Bodrova

About the norm

I am very sensitive to some core values, it may not be true. But I don’t think the norm is when a good man. Who said that people should be nice, honest, sincere, why do they have to be happy and to smile on us? Normally, this is when people deceive, dissemble and look for any benefits. And then everything else beyond this norm, when people tell you “thank you”, not lied, supported you, done something good, although he could not do provided that you don’t depend on him, and he from you, is cause for great joy, rejoicing and generally makes the world beautiful.

About the recognition

Recognition and popularity is not always a targeted hit. And hard it is. I try a girl for the lead role in his first film, talk, ask: “You betrayed ever in your life?” And she said, “please Sign a card”. But it happens suddenly and is a very important meeting. Although short when the man… the policeman stops me, and within two minutes I know: was in the war, four wounds and a concussion, threw his wife, now single, “what next – I don’t know.. well, good luck”… And understand that there is some kind of connection with a person is the language.

About the job

…I had the good fortune to do the work but still get paid for it. Compromise type: Yes, work is boring, but will be able to earn good money, not for me. I thought about it: I couldn’t do that. Tried to convince myself that this lesson is something there? I do not know, would not work. On the other hand, how can we condemn people who have to be engaged in unloved business life for eight hours a day because they need to feed their families, to survive?

The audience

Well, the critics only now when they looked, “Brother-2”, say “Here “Brother” – it was in a movie!”: And I could tell that the idea of “cinema not for all” – there is something snobbish. You can write a book on the table “for themselves”. Movies – other: you involve people in your project, spent someone else’s money, even so, is obliged to meet expectations to return what was given to you, is a moment not so much artistic as ethical. And to deceive the viewer is impossible.

About the movie

You need to draw the line between cinema and life. The shot on the screen – in real life is equal to our act, the word or opinion, which we are not afraid to Express. This is the life. A movie usually consists of gunshots and car chases. Only unhealthy people can watch a movie, and then take hands bleed.

But the same happens.

– It happens. It happens that someone looks “Batman”, then wear a Cape and jump from the 16th floor. Because “Batman” in the movie fly. Then we do all these bad movies to be banned. As well as the novel “Anna Karenina” and transmission “In the animal world.”

About shame and courage

I once stole from a friend car. To play it I couldn’t. Started horrifically. Found out about it and mom told me to call the parents of that boy. Shame was horrible, the thought of calling – unbearable, but I decided. Then I realized that the courageous actions to perform harder than shameful, but they make you stronger…

About the truth

One day my friends were sitting after school in the school locker room. Passed by an elementary school teacher, who decided that we had climbed on the pockets. Began the proceedings. On the case of theft was announced at the parent meeting. It was impossible to justify, even the parents doubted. I had to lie, but usually unsuccessfully. Therefore, the force and authority of truth for me was enduring. But then I realized that even if you’re right, it does not mean that you will believe. It turned out that the truth must be fought…

About dignity

The main distinguishing feature Danila Bagrov’s not that he says “so what?”, and that he has a sense of self-worth. We can say that “Brother” and “Sisters” is a movie about human dignity. And that’s the main thing that interests me in the characters of any film I want to watch. Although, of course, there are lots of wonderful pictures about the disease, about fear, meanness and so on – whichever is closer.

About Brother

I was the second time I participate in such discussions with knowledgeable people. The first time was also a little people and attended an Orthodox priest, is fairly well known. And so he said, “Brother is a celluloid hero. How can it be – this shooting? In the tradition of Russian literature is the theme of repentance, at least of reflection about the offense, and here, shot and left”.

I tried to argue with him. And began to speak that the Brother is a state of primitiveness. A condition where people are sitting near the cave by the fire, around the primeval chaos of the earth, and the sky was still evolving. And that raises one of these people and said, “I think we’re going to protect the woman, to keep this fire to protect her and kill the enemies”. And that’s all. It’s like the first words of the law before all laws, protozoan, a situation where the law is still nowhere to be found. Then these people will find Christ, after many many years will find repentance. All this will be. But now there is nothing around, no morality and the law. Wrong when our primitive start coming up with the standards of civilized politics.

About what better to do than be afraid

Once upon a time I thought it was better to do what you can to misunderstand me, or that can have some unexpected consequences – in General, not to do anything unnecessary. In this sense, lined up and a certain responsibility: don’t use words that can be misunderstood or lead to something unexpected. But then I came to the conclusion that it is not necessary so to be afraid to fail and it is better to do something to help someone or even you yourself

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