Service “Mercy” announces the collection of warm clothing and shoes for homeless


In connection with approach of colds Orthodox service of assistance “Mercy” expect the influx of homeless people in “the Hangar of salvation” center and prepares to reinforced mode. Service of assistance “Mercy” refers to the Muscovites with the request to support the work of the “Hangar of salvation” and announces the collection of warm clothing for the homeless.

Since early October, in center for homeless “the Hangar of salvation” began to heat frame tent, which can accommodate about 50 people. The day centre is ready to take more than 100 homeless people.

“With the onset of the cold comes to us more and more homeless people – now it is about 130 people per day. They need to keep warm and take some warm clothes, but our warehouse is rapidly emptying. Really need warm winter items to our wards was a little easier to survive on the street this cold winter,” — said Roman Korosov, head of the “Hangar of salvation”

In “the Hangar of salvation” remind that in the winter the homeless are especially in need of warm clothes: pants, sweaters, jackets, hats and scarves, warm shoes.

To bring clothes and shoes in “the Hangar of salvation” at the address: Nikoloyamskaya St., house yard 55 every day from 10.00 to 18.00 without prior agreement and at any other time by prior arrangement with the duty “Angara”. 8-926-158-07-58.

“Service of assistance to the homeless” and “the Hangar of salvation” – projects to help homeless service “Mercy”. In the “Hangar” homeless can obtain urgent help: keep warm in a heated tent, eat, take a shower, get clean clothes and first aid. Social workers help to restore the documents, to get in the shelters, contact the family, buy tickets home. There are also mini-programs to return homeless to the society – “Labor camp”, “Hostel” and “Farm”.

Orthodox service of assistance “Mercy” brings together 26 social projects and annually provides assistance to tens of thousands of needy, seriously ill children and adults, orphans, lonely elderly people and the disabled, the homeless and HIV-positive.

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