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There are no big and little sins, every evil deed has its price. What price are petty theft, a baleful look, a careless word? What’s behind all this? Resentment, bitterness, anger, and other unpredictable effects.

Was a beautiful summer day. The girl who recently received a diploma of higher education and got a job, you always dreamed of, carrying a purse, where was her first salary. Nothing boded trouble, when suddenly a young man came up to the edge of the pavement, tried to snatch her bag. He pushed her and she fell and hit her head hard. At this point, the young man’s life was completely changed: from the thief he turned into a killer. It seems that there is nothing wrong to steal a purse, but when it ends in tragedy, then we begin to think differently.

What causes people to encroach on someone else’s property?

First of all, misplaced priorities and false values. Modern advertising encourages people to buy more and more. The car is already outdated, a new model should take. The neighbor’s house better and things in the house more — a must to rectify the situation. But where is the money? Here to the aid of banks who offer a credit. But when out of power, and no ability to pay, in the head begin to come bad idea to underpay the salary of an employee, to cease to help elderly parents, to take what is not my property.

How to cope with this oppression? Again to reconsider their values and to prioritize. Weigh all the “pros” and “cons”.

Tell a story about one rich man.

One day he decided to take his son on a journey across the country to show him how poor people live. A couple of days they spent on the farm of a very poor family (according to most neighbors).

Returning from a trip, the father asked the son:

— Well, how’s the ride?

— It was great, dad.

— Have you noticed how poor people live?

“Oh Yes,” replied the son.

— So tell me what you’ve learned on this trip?

— I noticed that we have the pool until the middle of the garden, they Bay, which has no end. We have a small piece of land on which we live, and they have immense field. We buy ourselves food, and they grow them. We have walls to protect us and our property, and they have friends to protect them.

The father was speechless. Then his son added,

Thanks, dad, for what you showed me how poor we are.

Money can buy a bed but not sleep. Food, but not appetite. Medicine, but not health. Servants, but not friends. Women, but not love. Home, but not home. Fun, but not joy. Teachers, but not the mind.

Another reason that compels people to steal, is the desire to be happy. But is it possible to put an equal sign between happiness and deceit, happiness, and treachery, fortune and theft?

The student asked his teacher:

— How true the words, what not in money happiness?

The teacher said that he fully agree with them.

— And how do you prove their validity? — continued the student.

— Money can buy a bed but not sleep. Food, but not appetite. Medicine, but not health. Servants, but not friends. Women, but not love. Home, but not home. Fun, but not joy. Teachers, but not the mind. This list can be continued indefinitely.

Can I use stolen to become rich? Yes. And happy? Perhaps, but only for a short time.

Certainly, each of us remembers how it was painful and frustrating when our friend took us to the toy and did not return it, and then prove to everyone that this toy was his. The little things play an important role in our lives, that is why we must strive for purity of heart and mind, not even allowing the thought to hurt someone or to steal.

One man was walking with his friend, an Indian on a bustling street of a big city. Suddenly, the Indian said:

— I hear a cricket.

Everywhere was moving cars, noisy construction equipment, the sky buzzed aircraft.

— You’re crazy! exclaimed his friend.

But I can hear it.

He walked over to the flower bed, broken in front of some institution.

Then he bent down, parted the leaves and showed his friend the cricket.

— You must have fantastic hearing!

— No, it all depends on what you configured.

— I find that hard to believe.

“Look,” replied the Indian.

He scattered the curb of the sidewalk a handful of coins. Immediately passers-by were turning their heads and reached into their pockets to check if they have woken up the money.

— You see, it all depends on what you configured.

Set the tuning fork of their hearts not to steal, and to do good works, just as it did when a Bible character Zacchaeus. Becoming a believer, he decided to return the loot to those who had been robbed, four times more than took (Luke 19:1-10). Select the right direction in my life.

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