She called people with disabilities “vegetables” and urged not to spoil the Orthodox gene pool

Oh, Lena, how I was wrong! told me Polina Vladimirovna. How wrong! and cried. Once we firmly argue…


  • “Let’s be friends!” — said Lech-the fool
  • To keep a daughter crawled crippled boy and said: do not cry
  • Man, no shame! Or a woman with a third hand
  • “Let’s start with the disabled, then it will meet the killers” – why people are annoyed inclusion
  • I live in a world of healthy people there beat the way mothers of children with disabilities

“No wonder, for they have institutionalized”

Elena Kucherenko

I didn’t see Polina Vladimirovna more than a year.

“And better yet the same not to see,” thought I, watching her quick step approaching me.

I confess, I did not love her. She was, in my opinion, a woman is harmful. Even malicious.

She was always dissatisfied with everything and always hissed at everyone – children, adults. You know, that corona “Orthodox” hiss – “Spas-C-C-C, State-s-s-o can handle” through clenched teeth. And you realize that you end! Sometimes it seemed to me that she even priests hisses. Only to myself.

Although, maybe I’m just biased to her. And it wasn’t like that.

My really biased against Polina Vladimirovna was due to her, as I thought, a strange religious worldview. It ultraprostate views – “Pray, repent and don’t enjoy life. If you don’t mourn all day – not be saved. Step right, step left sin and the execution of” – some convoluted way spilled over into real fascism.

I remember once, accidentally once there, we saw her in the courtyard or a woman of a disabled child, or a family where one spouse is disabled. Just do not tell already. And Polina Vladimirovna went on a rant that I realized that Christ loves everyone, but if you limp or curve, it is from the evil one. Because the Christian is pleasing to all eyes. And if you’re not happy (you have cerebral palsy, for example, or a birthmark on his half face), then you’re not any image of God. And sit quietly and Shine. Don’t ruin normal believer spiritual aesthetics.

No, seriously.

Polina Vladimirovna was sure and confidently declared that the Christian society is a society of healthy, beautiful people. Both spiritually and physically. But if you’re sick, it means that a sinner so that is not a Christian at all.

Or, at least, the descendant of sinners. And this should be ashamed and need to hide it.

That’s why for them there are special institutions, with knowledge of the case she said. Not fools invented them.

Through the times she called people with disabilities “vegetables” and believed that they should be forbidden to have children, because this way is spoiled “pure Orthodox gene pool”. I must say that this is not the only person I know who thinks so.

Remember, we had some hard times argued for this reason. It was before the birth of our Masha with down syndrome. And I was very happy that Polina Vladimirovna was gone from our Church to the appearance of my fifth daughter born.

“And I was born first grandchild”

And here I stand with my stroller and can see me approaching the unfortunate woman. And generally it is strange that she is coming to me, after all us friends call it difficult.

We greeted each other. Word for word, it turned out that Polina Vladimirovna moved and now goes to another Church. And it turned out in our area and decided to go for a festive service.

– You have five? she asked.


– Is it a girl?

– Yes, again (“you’re annoying”, I thought).

– Is everything okay?

– Well! Only she has down syndrome.

I don’t know why I said that. After all, the views of Polina Vladimirovna for these children I was well known.

I know, I read your article, ‘ she replied.

I’m prepared to hear about the tainted gene pool and mentally began to pull the sword from the scabbard.

And she suddenly began to cry and said:

– Lena! How I was wrong!.. You forgive me!

I felt puzzled and looked at her.

– So you do like I did nothing wrong. Well, we were arguing then…

– No! You listen. I’m talking about all thought that people not at all. And about like she is yours… And my grandson was born nine months ago. Acne. First grandchild…

Congratulations. Yes, you do not cry. Everything is normal.

– He’s sick, Lena. Not get up ever! Hear! Sick!

“I am his daughter, loved his”

Unfortunately, we talked briefly. Polina Tymoshenko had to leave for some business. And I to give communion to children.

But she had me in a nutshell tell me what the strike was for their family when it was revealed that the boy was disabled. As my daughter just hands are not imposed. As the son-in-law three days of drinking, and then it all came together. As accustomed, as he took it all.

Told how her whole life passed before my eyes, how to break yourself once again and “build”. As confession.

– Like the first time, Len… I just after birth Vitalka, when I thought about everything, I realized that I had just called sins. And then the soul was torn to shreds. Everything inside of himself out.

And she said how much they now love their Vitalik.

– You know, I’m ashamed. I’m his daughter loved as it is. No, it hurts sometimes, of course. But will cuddle and let him go do not want. Weekend waiting for a feast. To bring it to me. To work longer, even permanently taken away. Just do not give anybody… he Miracle of God, Len.

“Miracle of God”, I repeated to myself. And did not believe that it says the same Polina Vladimirovna, who said “vegetables” and institutionalized.

Yes! Even more than this story than the birth of the grandson of SUCH a grandmother, I was shocked by the transformation. Before me stood not the Polina Vladimirovna, I know. It was a completely new, completely different person. Warm, next to which I wanted to warm up.

Changed it all – not only the soul, thoughts, feelings, views. She even looked different. Prickly, discontented look, as I remembered him, was soft and radiant. Movement – smooth, walk – easy. She seemed even younger, straightened, shrugged. And wrinkles even subsided. Like a person many years carried some cargo, and then took and dumped it.

I realize this, I experienced the same thing after the birth of Mary. It’s hard to explain. It can only be experienced.

Looking at her, even in a head does not come something about “God punished”. Not punished! I think about the miracle and love. And that the Lord now.

And I thought that in everyone’s heart, of each and every man is the Christ. Otherwise, how could Polina Vladimirovna took such of his grandchild, not whether it of God? As would be recognized that was not right? No way!

It’s God’s and it was the main. But everything else – the superficial husk. In the difficult, decisive moment, it all disappeared, disappeared. And remained present. The heart in which Christ lives!

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