Shkiryak: The anti-clerical provocations can attract right-wing radicals

The representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Zoryan Shkiriak.

Zorian Shkiryak said that the reaction of the interior on any provocative actions would be “robust and appropriate”.

Advisor to the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Zoryan Shkiriak said on air of the channel “Direct” that all who will participate in anti-clerical actions, “are definitely not Pro-Ukrainian position,” under whatever flag they were.

“I want to answer in a clear and understandable from the position of the Ministry of interior and, in particular, directly Minister Arsen Avakov all the Russian-Orthodox fascists and propagandists: the Ministry of internal Affairs, as the main guarantor of the stability of the internal situation in Ukraine will not allow provocations and will do everything in order to warn and prevent any provocative actions by destructive forces, Russian special services and their inner satellites”, – said Shkiryak.

He noted that provocations “of course, is possible and moreover can be prepared in the near future”.

“Russian propaganda constantly enforces the idea of civil war, of bloodshed, of violent seizure of churches, about so-called persecution of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine, – said Shkiriak. – <…> Of course, they would love to see any provocation arson, seizure, or, God forbid, the violent confrontation. So once again I want to convey to all hard and clear stance Arsen Avakov: any violent actions against the representatives of any denomination, including the representatives of the so-called Moscow Patriarchate, we see as outright Pro-Kremlin provocation.”

He stressed that provocations can be prepared with the involvement of the “so-called activists from right-wing organizations to implement it under red-and-black or blue-and-yellow flags.”

“We warn all from this, – said the representative of the Ministry of interior. All the processes taking place in Ukraine concerning the formation of a single Local Orthodox Church, should be exclusively in love, peace and harmony”.

As reported by the SPM, 6 January “Right sector” massively holds shares in the temples of the UOC in Ukraine. The Ukrainian nationalists announced the launch of the “open dialogue” with members of the canonical Church to explain to them the need for a universal transition to the PCU.

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