Sean Boltz — writer, producer and presenter with the gift of prophecy. And he uses this spiritual gift to associate Hollywood with the sky to bring to God stars of show business.

Sean Boltz starts the conversation with these few words…

“I see “July 15″. What is it? Your birthday? Is it still your birthday? Your daughter? How cute!” — he asks.

This is followed by a very specific message, which he heard from heaven: “the Lord said, “There’s a family that appeals to you.” I feel that now, when He says this, He gives me your name, because He really wants you to feel that God knows you.”

What is the importance of prophecy in the lives of people? Why is he tries to and let the people and letting God used it this way?

“We have such a omnipresent God! At the same time he is everywhere and yet He is the only God who speaks to us, builds a relationship with us right here and now. Through prophecy we learn that the God of the Universe looks at more than seven billion people, and then speaking directly to us and said, “I appreciate you. You’re Mine. I do care about you. What’s important to you, for Me it is even more important,” says Sean Bolts.

In Hollywood, Sean walks the red carpet and praying with such celebrities as film Director Mel Gibson, the football “Washington Redskins” Shaun Alexander, and also a legend of film and television Pat Boone.

In addition, Sean Bolz — author of books that became bestsellers, host of the TV programme “Dreams and secrets”, and also a traveler who travels the world and shares practical tips on how everyone can hear the voice of God.

Ten years ago he and his wife founded the “Expression 58”. Although this Los Angeles-based Church is open to everyone, it especially attracts two completely different groups of people: the homeless and Hollywood actors.

Street people — the homeless, prostitutes, those who often do not see the rest of the world, why they are so notable Sean Bolza and so much touch his heart? Why he refers to them with the prophecies?

“That’s what I love about the voice of God. When you hear the voice of God, filling a gap between heaven and earth. That is, God says that He always wants to be and to do certain things. In the 58th Chapter of Isaiah God says about love to the poor, to those people whom no one else sees. About love foreigners. And that is our Christian duty. But when I hear the voice of God, then can bring people the recovery, which naturally cannot be obtained. Or to bring them to a point in which they come to a breakthrough. They suddenly have a realization: “Aha! It means that God is with me! He loves me!” It really could be a turning point, even if the result will have then have to go a lifetime. And I believe that it is impossible to hear the heart of God without compassion,” he says.

From the smallest still — to the rich and famous of Hollywood.

“Coming here for the first time, I heard, “Sean, I’m homeless from Hollywood. You let me build a house?” says Sean Bolts.

This appeal is contrary to popular prejudice about “godless” Hollywood.

“Hollywood is one of the busiest places in the spiritual plan. Just slightly different moral compass, says Sean Bolts. — But morality, I believe a virtue that needs to develop. And many people who have become influential due to their talents and abilities, should, in our view, also to extend the moral influence. They may never in my life had no moral reference point — a decent father or mother. We impose upon them certain expectations: “there, now keep a society for themselves, so we felt the improvement in all spheres of life.” If they do not succeed, then we judged them. A couple of years ago, one of the film companies were surveyed. People have asked: “how many of you employees of major studios, believes that you are here because God sent you here as a Christian?” Eighteen thousand people said: “We are here because God sent us here.” Many of us are members of local churches. This and make-up artists, singers and composers and singers and all sorts of managery, agents, writers. They remain a deeply religious people and do much good. However, there is always one person who calls himself a Christian, thanked God at the ceremony “Oscar” and at the same time has seven girls. And it we judged all Christians in Hollywood. It’s very sad because we are disappointed by what they are not. Instead of paying attention to what God is doing, we look at what people are doing, and say, “All clear! So, what is Hollywood”. And it’s not true”.

New Sean’s house is located in the heart of Studio city. Here is the place where he starred in many films, including scenes from “Batman” with Michael Keaton. Been here and Marilyn Monroe, where was probably made by her photograph, published on a postage stamp. Nowadays, there are removed only Sean, his wife and their two daughters. But it is his “home base”, where he works, linking Hollywood and the sky.

“The average person spends in Hollywood two years trying to realize his dream, and then returned home because it is too difficult. If it will last more than two years, it will become negative “baggage”, which is inevitable simply because of how hard it is to live here, — he says. — When we got here, I knew nothing. Yes, I had a vision of how I will love people, but I didn’t know how to build around him a structure. So we built a Church. And it’s a beautiful Church. I love the Church. But at this stage we mostly work with people to help them understand who they really are, so they can fulfill their mission. And before them to enter into the fullness, they can find peace with yourself and with God, in order not to make the same mistakes. We have a lot of older, experienced people, who help to integrate into this business to others. This is so nice to watch.”

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