Sometimes San can kill a person

Rector of the Moscow theological Academy, Archbishop Ambrose (Ermakov) shared reflection on the Apostolic statement that God’s power is made perfect in weakness.

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Dear friends, future priests! Allow me tonight to share with you a few thoughts.

God’s strength is made perfect in weakness – it is written in the second Epistle of St. Paul to the Corinthians. And because we all need to look for no power, no support, no evidence of self-righteousness, and the grace of weakness.

Sometimes we want to show his power and his innocence. To show them that we are not an empty place in this world. That we are better than others. And I especially want to show strength when there is an external to the circumstances – position in the social or ecclesiastical hierarchy, and obedience, which distinguishes us from others, the priesthood or secular status, however small.

The magnitude of the sin, the depth of the inner drop is not measured on an objective scale, and a measure of love. We have love or not. The magnitude of the sin is measured by the awareness of our choice. If we consciously choose not God, not light, not love, but a different direction from which it’s hard then to get out. Because the Church refers to Judas Iscariot who, it would seem, did not kill Christ. But. He betrayed love, she deliberately chose the other side.

In my opinion, attempts to prove its own strength and its own right, to assert themselves at the expense of other people, especially if you put above them in status – it is a terrible betrayal of divine love. And as a rule, the less a person internally, the poorer the mind – the greater evidence of self-worth he needed.

Sometimes San can kill a person. If people give themselves the will to submit to the perceptions of other people about his office and dignity, if accepts the truth of many words that told him of his greatness and importance. The person should remain first and foremost a person.

God’s strength is made perfect in weakness. But because the faithful should look for more weakness than support anyone else: public opinion, the authority given by God to Sana, the position entrusted to the society. The more we try to show own strength, the more it becomes an empty place, like a man, a pitiful shadow. The weak and exalts God.

Source: telegram channel of Archbishop Ambrose

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