Songs and case. Memory Of Joseph Kobzon

Died Joseph Kobzon – singer, social activist, teacher, Deputy of the State Duma. The main voice of the USSR, famous Russian baritone and a renowned actor of the national stage.

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“The song remains with the person”

Wide popularity he received in 1962 at the radio program “Good morning” she sang the song, Arkady Ostrovsky and Lev Oshanin “And we have in the yard”.

“The song remains with the person” for half a century is the anthem of the festival “Song of the year”. It was first performed by Joseph Kobzon in 1964.

The most popular with the Soviet Union, the TV series “17 moments of spring” performed by Iosif Kobzon presented two songs that later became hits – “Moments” and “Song about far homeland” (more known as “somewhere far away…”).

Songs about war

According to the composer Oscar Feltsman, “especially close to the singer works a strong, emotional, dedicated to the memory of generations, linking the past with the present.” Military and Patriotic song was in the repertoire of the artist a significant place. Lyric song “Dark night” by Nikita Bogoslovsky and Vladimir Agatov written in 1943 for the film “Two soldiers”, one of the most popular in our country, songs about the war. It was performed by dozens of artists, from Mark Bernes to modern singers. Many people like it, performed by Joseph Kobzon.

On 9 may Joseph Kobzon from year to year sang the famous song composer David Tukhmanov and poet Vladimir Kharitonov “Victory Day”.


Afghanistan, Chernobyl and the “Nord-OST”

Joseph Kobzon was not only a talented artist but also a caring philanthropist. He spoke to the Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan and Chernobyl, was part of the boards of Trustees of the charity Fund of the chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation “the Centre of help to homeless children” charity Fund “Memory of generations” and of St. Luke, of the Fund of assistance to development of advanced medical technology. Svyatoslav Fyodorov, etc. in addition he was Chairman of the Board of the charity Fund “the Board and lyre” employees of the Moi of Russia in Moscow, Chairman of the Board of the Association donbassovtsev Moscow, member of the Board of the Moscow international Fund of assistance of UNESCO.

In October 2002 he participated in negotiations with terrorists who seized hostages in the Moscow Theatrical center on Dubrovka during the presentation of the musical “Nord-OST”. He brought out of the building a woman and three children.

“I love you, life”

The song “I love you, life” was written in 1956 by Konstantin Vanshenkin and Edward Kolmanovskii for Mark Bernes. However, she crept into the repertoire of Joseph Kobzon, he regularly sang it at his concerts.

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