Songs, tears and support: 10 touching moments of the championship, after which you’ll love football

The football world Cup in Russia comes to an end: on 15 July the national teams of Croatia and France will meet in Moscow in the final match. “Pravmir” gathered the most vivid and touching moments of this championship.


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Thai boys was invited to Moscow

Children trapped in the cave of Tham Luang, playing on the football team Wild Boars and the real fans of this game. On hearing this, the representatives of FIFA, invited the heroes to the final of the world championship in Moscow before the start of the operation. Unfortunately, the boys will not be able to accept the offer – they think that they need to be in isolation in the hospital for at least a week after release.

Crying Dzyuba

Russian national team striker Artem Dzyuba could not hold back tears live on the First channel after the defeat of the Russian team in the quarterfinals.

Clean the fans

Fans of Senegal and Japan noted its desire for order – they were out in the stands after matches of their teams. The example was contagious, and the Russian fans also put things in order at the stadium after the game, Russia and Croatia.

Senegal fans cleaning their section before leaving the stadium after their historic victory against Poland. Class act.

This is the best thing you will see tonight. 👏🏻🇸🇳

— FIFA World Cup (@WorIdCupUpdates) June 19, 2018

A new wheelchair

A social worker from California, Abel’s Faith gave the Russian fans a new wheelchair. Abel himself unable to walk at the age of 27. His insurance allows him to keep the old chair after he gets a new. In the fan zone, he saw a Russian fan in an old broken chair, I decided to help him and give his wheelchair.

“Why do I keep 3-4 of the chair when I know that someone in Moscow needs it more, — said Abel Faith. That’s what we did today. We met up with this guy. He was so happy when I moved into a new chair. His smile, the way he sat as went, touched and looked at him — like a child. Remember, and immediately goosebumps. The way he reacted to the fact that some random person came up and said, Hey, this chair for $10 thousand for you!”

Support from rivals

Six year old Alex with his parents was rooting for Poland in the match with Colombia, but unfortunately, the team lost with the score 0:3. When Alex got upset and started crying on the podium, hundreds of Colombian fans surrounded them, began shouting “Poland! Poland!” and hug the boy and his family. “Extraordinary support,” wrote the boy’s father on Twitter. FIFA gave the family a free trip to the world Cup final.

Wee man was in tears after getting eliminated Poland from the World Cup. The Colombian fans were absolutely fantastic with him after the game – easily the best group of supporters I’ve ever sat with. Amazing support 👏🏼🇨🇴🇵🇱 #monpolska #fifaworldcup #colombia

— Iain Meiklejohn (@meiklejohn21) June 24, 2018

Tickets for the championship for the “crystal” Nastya

The President of Fund “Creation” Elena Smirnova said on his Facebook page, as unknown benefactors fulfilled the dream of a girl with osteogenesis imperfecta and paid for her trip in one of the matches of the world Cup.

“Once there was a girl who wanted to get to the world Cup football on match of Russian national team. Until yesterday we knew nothing about it.

UPD. There were tickets to Sochi. Nasty mother go to the 1/4 finals 👏👏👏OLE-OLE, Champions!!⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️There are among our subscribers #the players, fans and others involved in #Championship?! It turned out that our trust is fragile in every sense of the word Nastya Kosterina from the city of Dzerzhinsk, is a loyal #fan of our team! She wants to get to the match Russia-Spain 1 July at the Stadium Luzhniki – Luzhniki Stadium, and we really want to help her in this!❤ Friends, your response or repost can be crucial for Nastya’s dreams, share this video or advice on how she could get on this match?🙏 ________________________________________________ PS. Once Nastina art teacher sent her work to the competition in France, and she suddenly vsez won a prize and thanks to universal care (even care visa center) Nastya came to the award ceremony in Paris! Have our fragile girl a lot of courage to dream, to desire from a pure heart and to move forward, and who knows, maybe the support of just such bright fans a comfortable victory our sbornoy ⚽😉

Published by the Charity Fund “Fragile people” Thursday, June 28, 2018.


Each of our Foundation yesterday gave the tickets to the championship. The tickets were given to another donor. He made a donation to the Fund. And at this point in the review we were given a link to the video where Cindy talks about his dream. And then the giver asked me to give their tickets to crystal Nasti (osteogenesis imperfecta).

And another donor paid for the flight to Sochi and stay for the girl and her mother.

Another friend of the Foundation helped to make the I. D. and took the tickets Nastia. Tomorrow the girl and her mother flying to Sochi, where realized her dream.

Mother Anastasia from excitement he could not speak and barely held back tears when she brought the tickets. Anastasia believed that everything will work out.

And we will still be able to received the funds to pay for treatment to another ward Fund.

The whole story started and ended in less than a day. Happiness is”.


“Thank You, Russia!”

Croatian fans decided to respond to the scandal with the national team player domagoj Vida and unfurled a banner “Thank you, Russia!” on the street and in the stands during the match England – Croatia.

“Thank You, Russia!”. Gorgeous banner by Croatian fans👏#WordCup #CHM2018 #CROENG

— (@sportsru) July 11, 2018

“Kalinka-Malinka” from the Icelandic fans

Shortly before the start of the Icelandic fans sang “Kalinka-Malinka” in Russian.

Two weeks later came the answer – Russian supporters took no less than a beautiful video and will Islands sang the song A Sprengisandi.

In Russia do not go bears

Thanks to the world Cup has turned out that in Russia bears do not go, the people are friendly and the city beautiful. Two English fans: the father and his 17-year-old son Theo have recorded a video and ruined the most popular myths about the country.

Croatian firefighters did not finish the match Russia – Croatia

Message about the fire came to the fire station in Zagreb during a penalty shootout in the match Russia – Croatia. Goal Mario Mandzukic, who brought the national team reaching the semi-finals, rescuers only saw in the replay.

Vatreni ZG193

Vatreni igraju danas za finale SP. Mi nismo vatreni, ali bavimo se vatrom. Oprezno kod upotrebe baklji i pirotehnike, da i mi (konačno) mozemo gledati vatrene #ZG193

Published Vatrogasna postrojba Zagreb Wednesday, July 11, 2018.


The football world Cup in Russia comes to an end. Thanks to him we learned that the players of our team are engaged in charity.

Russia lost — but not lost. And Russian footballers help hospice patients, building playgrounds and working conductors

What is the life of footballers is not like a fairy tale, and many of them overcame poverty and disease.

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We especially remember the story is the best striker in the history of team Belgium Romelu Lukaku – he’s in the 6 years I promised myself that I would get my parents out of poverty.

Romelu Lukaku: in the Morning I pray and then ask the parents if they need help

Met fans from other countries and realized that we will never forget them.

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And we realized that the carnival is not only in Rio but we have, in the center of Moscow, in Nikolskaya.

Football gave us a feast. And he will continue to the finals — in the center of the world, Nikol

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