In the United States, Christian leaders urge the Obama administration to do more to protect middle Eastern Christians by ISIS. They want the administration acknowledged that ISIS carries out genocide against Christians. The term “genocide” has a specific legal and political consequences. In accordance with international treaties, the US could obtain a legal obligation to act if the state Department said that Christians have indeed subjected to genocide. American Christians know that their foreign brothers and sisters are persecuted, but can we do something to stop them?

Pope Francis said that today takes martyred more Christians than in the first days of Christianity. Some of the most active defenders of persecuted Christians gathered in the Washington Heritage Foundation and raised the alarm.

“It’s genocide — the systematic and purposeful. That’s what happens,” explains Roger Severino from the Heritage Foundation.

So is it possible to do anything about it? Because it seems when you kill one of the pursuers, in their place come new. The aim of this Commission to discuss what can be done to stop the martyrdom of Christians. Roger Severino from the Heritage Foundation, opened the meeting by quoting the appeal of ISIS to Christians: “You will not feel secure even in your sleep until you accept Islam. We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses and enslave your women”…

Patrick Kelly of the organization “Knights of Columbus” said that Syrian and Iraqi Christians can’t hide from the killers, even in the refugee camps: “they have attacked Christians in the camps. ISIL and other militants send assassins in the camp,” he says.

All denominations are under attack, when members of one of them killing others because they are “infidels”.

“A military solution is possible, but I believe that any military solution is always temporary,” says Patrick Kelly.

Kelly notes that it is impossible to kill all religious fanatics, ready to kill: “We are dealing with a religious sensibility, mixed with violence. To solve this problem will be very difficult. But I would not say that is impossible,” he says.

Organization Nadine Maenza “Hardwired” is trying to stop the killing, changing the Outlook of people, which invites foreign authoritative thinkers.

“Our work funded by the British government, says Nadine Maenza. — We are trying to change how people perceive religious freedom, human dignity and human life. We must learn to resist the ideology that comes from Saudi Arabia because it leads to the radicalization of Muslims around the world.”

“Our churches do nothing, says Timothy Shah of Georgetown University. — If one tenth of one percent of Christians in America are really outraged and mobilized, we would see political action in all directions”.

Timothy sees the problem of apathy among the faithful of America. He says that Christians should participate in demonstrations, to write, to speak, to demand the decision of a question of genocide: “I believe in the highest degree absurd to ask the Obama administration to act as a moral authority in this matter, when we ourselves don’t do that”. he says.

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