Sretensky monastery choir will give a concert in Qatar


5 October at 20.00 in the Doha Katara Cultural Village Amphitheater will host a free concert of the Moscow Sretensky monastery Choir. The event will be held in the framework of the Cross Year of culture of Russia and Qatar in 2018 with the support of the General partner of the Oil company “Rosneft”.

The legendary Choir, which appeared simultaneously with the Foundation of the Sretensky monastery in 1397, will present a medley of Russian, Ukrainian and Cossack folk songs, wartime songs and popular ballads. Ensemble performances are held at iconic venues worldwide – from Carnegie Hall to the National theatre of Costa Rica.


Sretensky monastery choir is among the most famous choral ensembles in Russia. In Soviet times the monastery was closed, and the choir disbanded, and only in 1994 the monastery was reopened. Then was formed and the new composition of the choristers – they now represent the Russian Church and secular music abroad.

The international success of the Choir of the Moscow Sretensky monastery does not change its main task – participation in religious services, cultural initiatives and activities of the Russian Orthodox Church. So, the musicians participate in the annual Easter festival; from 2006 to 2012, the choir held Church services in the far East and Siberia, sung at the consecration of the Church of saints Constantine and Helen in Istanbul. In those same years, the choir gave a concert in the Vatican, held a world tour, dedicated to the unification of the Russian Orthodox Church, traveled the South American continent in the framework of the “Days of Russia in Latin America”, performed in Paris and in UNESCO, and participated in one of the most prestigious professional events, the Beijing music festival.


The choir of the Moscow Sretensky Monastery will be part of the annual cultural exchange Qatar and Russia. This concert will take place thanks to the support of the General partner the activities of the Oil company “Rosneft”. Cross Year of culture will create an atmosphere of trust and understanding needed to expand business contacts strengthen economic, tourism and cultural cooperation between the two countries.

The event is free. The number of places is limited.

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