St. Nektarios of Aegina: the Church has always open arms for us

November 22, the Church celebrates the memory of St. Nektarios of Aegina, one of the most famous in Greece of the saints. Presenting your attention the 10 small quotes from the book of St. “the Way to happiness”.

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Saint Nectarios Of Aegina

1. Christians should, according to the commandments of God, become Holy and perfect. Perfection and Holiness ncertified first deep into the soul of a Christian, and then are imprinted in wishes it, in his words, in his Affairs. Thus, the grace of God, which exists in the soul, poured out, and the whole external nature.

2. If we understand our great responsibility that through baptism we have taken on before God? If we realized that should behave as children of God and brothers of our Lord, we have to identify our will with the will of God that we need as His children, to be free from sin, should love Him all the forces of the soul, of our heart that needs to worship Him and look forward to connecting with Him forever? Have we thought about what our hearts should be so filled with love that it should overflow to our neighbor? Do we have the feeling that we must become Holy and perfect, image of God, children of God and heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven?

3. The Christian should glorify God in body and soul. Both belongs to God, therefore we have no right to use them dishonestly, but should use them as sanctified and Holy, with gratitude.

4. The path leading to perfection is long. Pray to God to strengthen you. Patiently accept your falls and immediately get up, run [to God] do not stay as children, in the place where he fell, crying and sobbing inconsolably.

5. The graceful speech of a Christian is characterized by delicacy and politeness. That’s what creates love, brings peace and joy. On the contrary, rudeness begets hatred, enmity, sorrow, the desire to win in disputes, unrest and war.

6. How mistaken are those people who seek happiness outside ourselves – in foreign countries and journeys, in riches and glory, in great possessions and pleasures, the pleasures abounded in empty things that have a end to its bitterness! To construct the tower of happiness outside of ourselves is like building a house in a place that is consistently shaken by earthquakes. Very soon this building will collapse…

7. The one who reconciles every word, and regulates all business. He who examines the words that are going to say, and explores the works that intends to commit, and never goes out of the bounds of good and benevolent conduct.

8. The most important labor of man is prayer. Man was created to glorify God. Is the work worthy of him. It is only able to reveal its spiritual essence. This alone justifies his state of emergency in the entire universe. Man was created to worship God and to be Soprichastnost His divine goodness and bliss.

9. I don’t want you to suffer and be troubled with all that is happening against your will, whatever it just and was. Such suffering proves the existence of selfishness. Follow the selfishness that hides under the guise of innocence. Watch out for inappropriate and regret that comes after a fair conviction. Excessive grief is temptation. The only true disappointment is something that occurs when we are well we learn about the unhappy state of our soul. All other worries are irrelevant to God’s grace.

10. The Church has always open arms for us. Hurry in them rather, all we, whose consciences are burdened. Hurry – and the Church will lift the weight of our burdens, give us confidence towards God, and fill our hearts with happiness and bliss.

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